Hermeneutic of Tragedy & religion

To be religious is to look long and hard into the depths of that human element, suffering, and in doing so, a divine force is postulated, inferred, invented, or asserted…

To be religious is to see with the eyes of faith, which is the facility of seeing in the dark, and enable groping around. This leads to a lack of expectation for evidence, assurance, or justification of any sort.

The genealogy of religion is couched within the interpretations of suffering - typically an anthropomorphic response to what is given & removed in suffering. Since suffering is taken as a moral outrage, the religious attitude is conceived or generated as a protest against suffering, a defiance against the violation of life. Religion is the posture of defiance, for it speaks in the name of life and defends against those inimical forces that degrade life…

Theologian Johann Baptist Metz: religion speaks ex memoria passionis, from the memory of suffering (History & society)

“Every rebellion against suffering is fed by the subversive power of remembered suffering.”

The most powerful images of judaism and christianity are the images of injustice & liberation (crucifixion & exodus)

Nonetheless once religion begins to articulate itself in terms of grace that is granted to a ‘chosen people’ it degenerates into a factional power and morphs into a force of oppression that lost its voice of protest. Once religion dumps the impulse for universal liberation, it is no longer universal, declining into a binary division between the believer and the infidel.

For the tragic, suffering is not a violation, but part of life, a moment in the totality of life, part of the whole… Since suffering belongs to life, protesting suffering is to protest life. Life is already conditioned by suffering…

Religion began with suffering, not God, and by protesting against its injustice, religion invokes God. While the tragic does not begin with atheism, it affirms suffering as part n parcel of life, which denies God in order to affirm the justice of suffering.

A selective affirmation of life that excludes suffering is like taking a vow that takes life for better but not worse. Affirmation of life is not selective or partial, it affirms the whole, both the pain n pleasure, the midnight & noon. Life is both overcoming & undergoing, a constant fluctuation between both aspects. Ergo affirmation embraces the whole flux w/o discrimination or exclusion…

The greatest dionysian response to life is amor fati… Which does not hierarchizes life into binary opposites of higher & lower, affirming one, marginalizing the other… Life is innocent, the innocence of becoming entails the innocence of suffering.

Religion has divided life into two wiz a hierarchy, between the bearable n unbearable, the true life n the enemy of life, guilty & innocent…

Nietzsche once said that the most suffering animal on earth invented for itself - laughter!

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