Hidden Posters

Many of you choose to remain hidden while you are present.


The fear of internet message board stalkers.

They got Princess Di ya know.

That’s funny, GCT, but there are real reasons which I want to get to the bottom of.

Are they embarrassed?

I know why, but I want those who are hidden to answer.

heh. Well, I am one of the hidden (at least I should be) ((I marked the box for it when I registered)).

My reason is this, after having spent years on other message boards (not philosophy boards I admit) in my experience, some people might feel more inclined to send PMs if they see you are on, to talk in real time. While I don’t want to block PMs, nor do I want to be rude and not ever reply, sometimes people might expect a response if they see that you are on and you might be too busy or too unprepared to respond. So, I just sidestep the issue (not that it is a big issue).

Thats my reason anyway.

I see.

I haven’t hidden my status in a long time, and can’t remember why I ever did… which is sort of buggin’ me…

Asking lukers why they lurk is like asking spiders why they spide, hooker’s why thy hook, or fingers they they fing.

Yes, X-man, a case of amor fati?

I am one of those hidden posters. I look it as a privacy thing. Being here on this forum without being noticed.

I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to be noticed, Tuihu. I think you should be proud to be here and confident enough not to bother yourself with such things.

Sometimes I get the idea that people feel like others ‘have no life’ because they spend too much time at a philosophy forum, and think less of them because of that. The other day I was in a public setting and after a few words with a few people, it dawned on me that I would prefer the company of the most ignorant thinker at ILP (whoever that might be, I’d nominate myself, but I’m not schizophrenic) over the smartest stranger in a public setting. I just can’t find the ones I’d prefer to be around. Perhaps I have the wrong friends, which might limit my aspirations to be more social. But overall, I can spend a few hours a day at a forum and not interfer with the other activities in my, well, rather boring life.

snap now I remember… :stuck_out_tongue: …but I have a job and do homeschooling now… I get on whenever I can… I still have no “life” if that means “going out” alot…

but, yeah, De’trop… I can relate to what you are saying. Although, I recently (a few months ago) met some people at work… one an anarchist with leftist persuasion… one earning his doctorate in theology who is trying to re-convert me… one Italian (talks like the Godfather, too) that takes the theologist’s side… some by-standers who put in two cents now and then… we four have interesting discussions… play chess… haven’t had friends like that in ‘real’ life in a long time… it’s nice.

Wow, that’s a well rounded crew you got there.

I wish I had some friends like that. There would never be a dull moment.