High Treason in the White House

It was predictable that O’Biden would reinitialize terrorism in the Middle East (even I could see that). With the O’Biden/Obama plan of managed decline of the US - the US will yield and bow to Islam and the authoritarian globalists. So it is no surprise to me that O’Biden not only gave over $100 million to the terrorist effort against Israel but has now given tons of weapons, ammunition, the state of Afghanistan, and serious US embarrassment to the Taliban religious terror group. Those particular terrorists are committed to not only wiping out Israel completely but also destroying the US - even without O’Biden’s assistance - killing ALL US citizens - not merely the whites.

That all could be excused as just being an idiot - not listening to his military and intelligence advisors - but not necessarily an intentional betrayal of the US - although still an impeachable offense. And there are far more serious crimes this bloke has engaged in - directly to destroy the US.

Looking into O’Biden’s past - he is revealed as someone who always capitulates to whoever he thinks is in power. When the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) was in power in the US (an extreme racist group) he kissed up to them - giving them great praise and honoring their leaders (he might even be one - it is a secret group). When they lost power to SPLC (the exact opposite racist group) - he kissed up to them. When the feminists gained power - he kissed up to them. Now with the anti-American Marxist in power - he capitulates to them as well. And on the world stage - he capitulates to every authoritarian regime he faces. His entire 50 years in politics (having no other talent - not even good that that one) has been his willingness to kiss up to whoever is in power - who ever he thinks is going to win - he helps them win - hoping for favor - a “suckup”.

Before the 2020 election O’Biden was recording telling a following that by 2030 the US would be completely devastated - “and it won’t be just because of the Blacks - but the Hispanics as well” he said. He believed that the US was going to lose its soul to - someone else. And in his campaign he stated that “this is a fight for the soul of America”. Like many things he says - he is rhetorically correct but what he actual means is different than what people are expected to hear - he meant that he is going to help sell (literally for money and power) America’s soul - having already sold his own. Apparently his vision for America is modeled by Cuba.

For all of those reasons - and many more (especially the illegitimate election and being deeply compromised by foreign nations) - O’Biden was never qualified to be the President of ANY country. And he is now proving why - at the expense of the former USA.

And again - all of that is reason and cause to impeach but not necessarily any more than extremely stupid, demented, and anti-American policies.

With all of that said - there is one thing he has done that is clear treason - actual real High Treason (unlike what they tried to pin on Mr Trump). Literally on the first day of O’Biden’s reign, he committed impeachable offenses - one in particular became notable treason.

The US President’s job is not to make laws nor to choose which laws he is going to enforce. His entire job is to enforce the laws that the US Congress has already passed (which includes foreign affairs issues). But instead, O’Biden has almost totally disregarded that oath of office (make it the high crime of perjury). The US Congress has specific laws concerning entry into the US - they are poorly constructed (due to all of the socialist takeover efforts in the last decades) but they are still the law.

O’Biden intentionally ignored those laws by defunding the US southern border protection and telling the border patrol to stand down. And he also invited migrants to rush the border once it got unprotected. The speculation was that he was helping the socialists get more voters so as to get more socialists into Congress. I saw it as more than that - and have been proven right.

O’Biden is actually funding - not merely millions of illegal immigrants - but also the Mexican cartels to send in criminals, known terrorists, deadly drugs (tons of fentanyl - specifically designed to kill), and COVID. And he is doing it in a similar money laundering scheme as used to fund the Middle East terrorism campaigns.

The Mexican cartels are paid by the illegal migrant families and foreign terrorists to smuggle them across the border. They collect the money from the illegal migrants once they get into the US (extorted by threats to their family members still at home). But where do they get the money? O’Biden pays the illegal migrants from US tax funds originally authorized for COVID and border issues. And of course, the cartels knowing this - with O’Biden’s capitulation - get paid first. And that includes terrorists from all over the world and Chinese and Russian spies. Now that he has empowered the Taliban - Taliban terrorist have been granted a clear and easy, even paid for, path into the interior of the US.

And even more - he is funding the distribution of COVID positive migrants into the southern states - directly funding the killing of US citizens through a bio-weapon (whether it was ever intended for the purpose or not - O’Biden is using it as a bio-weapon).

This constitutes actual High Treason against the US by - not merely allowing - but actually aiding and funding America’s enemies and using bio-weapons against US citizens within US borders.

I think the only reason he hasn’t been expelled is that Kamala Harris proved to be even worse for the Marxists - and the next inline would be Mr Pelosi - as addle minded and corrupt as O’Biden. Since the US DOJ, FBI, CIA, and MSM (the “deep state”) along with 70% of Congress and 50% of the US Supreme Court all support those same authoritarians none of this is being investigated or discussed.

Not a member of the Coalition of Truth? Then don’t even think of responding.


Him in a nutshell.

You know, in a free will universe. :sunglasses:

And since this High Treason is still activity going on - the US military (900 generals and admirals) do not have to wait for Congress to impeach.

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In addition - all indications is that what is happening in Kabul right now - is not merely poor planning - but is by intention. If someone wanted everything to go as badly as possible - this has been exactly the way - much better plans were already in place - but cancelled.

Most likely - this catastrophe of US action in Kabul has been designed and carried out by the same O’Biden who has intentionally used other means to destroy the US and kill US citizens. As an example - US citizens are not being given priority for evacuation from Kabul - immigrants preferred - no terrorist vetting allowed.

And if my guess is right - this treason will extend to ensuring that US citizens will be left in Afghanistan so that later the Taliban will have a hostage bargaining chip to coerce the US into giving more benefits - which O’Biden will certainly be compliant.

Currently many US citizens (thousands) are trapped - not being allowed by the Taliban to get to the only open airport (already hostages) - many now reporting that they never heard about needing to get out. The airport is surrounded as the Taliban chooses who gets in. Some large rescue planes leave with only a few people on board. As of Aug 31 - there will be no US military to help them get out of the country - even if they get to an airport. O’Biden admin has told them to just go online and fill out a form.

So not only did O’Biden gift the Taliban with around a $billion in military armaments and US humiliation - but also with a great many hostages to use in their terrorism strategies - not a good time to be a woman in Afghanistan.

Now China, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Russia, and others all know that America with O’Biden will do nothing to help the people or countries they choose to advance against - play their cards right and the US might even fund them in their hegemony.

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I am not asking to remove this thread… it has its entertainment value as
it is remarkable delusional and frankly, insane… but that it be placed where
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I herewith object vehemently in placing the above into creative writing. In my humble opinion , not only does it not belong there in the first place, but in the second place, being a contributor there, do not find it useful to besmirch the quality of that forum.

Don’t get me wrong, it has some quality of exhibiting some manner of prophetic political contabulation, but it takes a really weird strung about, beyond controversial tone that screams of evil intention and hidden agreements beyond the scope of consperiatirial suppositions.


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If it really has to go elsewhere then place it in The Rant House, Non-Philosophical Chat, or The Sandbox.

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And then again, in all fairness, it may work as satire , as a statement on the current political scene.

So mods, you decide.


I totally object to this thread being placed into Creative Writing forum.

If it really has to go elsewhere then place it in The Rant House, Non-Philosophical Chat, or The Sandbox.

I am not even sure why anyone would suggest this to go into Creative Writing forum.

Reasons given are not sufficient…

K: I shall endeavor to offer up reasons to move this thread to creative writing…
it list a series of narratives, that Biden did this or is doing that, but
has any facts or evidence been presented to back this up? it is just a series
of statements with nothing to indicate the validity of these random statement…

for example, this statement by Observe:

“O’biden is actually funding-not merely millions of illegal aliens, but also
Mexican cartels to send in criminals, known terrorist, deadly drugs, (tons of
fentanyl specifically designed to kill) and Covid. And he is doing it in a
similar money laundering scheme as used to fund the middle east terrorism campaigns”

K: please show me any facts or evidence to support any part of this?

Observe wrote this:

“and even more-he is funding the distribution of Covid positive migrants into the southern
states-directly funding the killing of US citizens through a bio-weapon (whither it was
ever intended for the purpose or not- Biden is using it as a bio-weapon)”

and the evidence for this is? clearly this is the ranting of a diseased mind and
does not have a shred of evidence to prove it…

Observe wrote this:

“Since the US DOJ, FBI, CIA and the MSM (the deep state)
along with 70% of congress and 50% of the US supreme Court
all support those same authoritarians, none of this is being investigated
or discussed”

K: evidence or facts to show us this? there is no such thing as a “deep state”
and I am not sure how one decides that 50% of the US SUPREME court supports
the alleged “authoritarians”… there are 9 members of the court, how does one get to
50% of 9?

hence I hold that this thread is simple an excise in creative writing since
it has no facts or evidence supporting it…


Creative requires this to come from the thread author’s head - I don’t think this stuff comes out of the author’s head - this is typical regurgitation that I have complained about before.

It could even be deleted…else we start a debate about what constitutes creative writing…

K: and the bit about the KKK is factually wrong… the KKK was in power in the US
during the 1920’s and 1930’s… and let us say, OK, in the south the KKK still had some
power in the 1960’s or 1970’s… in the south… Biden is from Pennsylvania and lived
in Delaware… how is that the stronghold of the KKK? The entire piece is simple
made up crap that is factually wrong… it is creative writing because it
makes up shit and presents them as facts… they aren’t facts unless or until
facts or evidence showing us that they are in fact true, is presented…
and Observe has not presented us any evidence of any kind showing us that
he is in fact, right…he is lacking any evidence of any kind…


Peter, check out this part, where he wrote;

“and even more-he is funding the distribution of Covid positive migrants into the southern
states-directly funding the killing of US citizens through a bio-weapon (whither it was
ever intended for the purpose or not- Biden is using it as a bio-weapon)”

this part is the crux of the argument for the charge of ‘high treason’ and it has some tangible support from participants who have contributed to my recently posted forum dealing with the issue. But as i recall, the consensus was that the supposition is not reasonable.

But the point is, that even being a very long shot, in todays world , unreasonable suppositions can’t be disqualified just out of hand.

Let’s remember the controversial book , ‘None dare call it a Conspiracy’, and the outcry that caused, if i remember it correctly.

Or even the Contra-drug issue arising out of the tenure of the Reagan administration.

But in essence, this here, appears over the top speculation. A more appropriate way of handling it would be a comment on how policies can give misguided impressions that prejudice either side of the political isle one way or another, given the impressionable constituancy of today; irrespective of the amount of facts that can support it.

The politically risen myths, factual or not, need a public deconstruction, if they are not to turn into political ‘facts’.

And as such, I cannot see this as an example of creative writing, and neither as a piece of politically factual narrative. encode’s suggestion is appropriate.

But here, I should concede that being a frequent contributor to ‘Creative Writing’ I am as guilty in trespassing forum bounded in writing, by things that are neither creative, nor could be called ‘writing’ - putting me in a misguided light, so, without further ado will self reference the above comments made, to anyone, who decides to post into any apparent unfitting piece into an inappropriate forum

I wonder, if, mods could take this into consideration as well.

Your opinion of creative writing is clearly different from mine and the value you place on creative writing appears to be low from my perspective - that is fine by me - everyone is different.

I suggest that this thread be deleted instead. As it is - it is hard to find any motivation to take part in ILP to any serious degree.

my main objection is this, he presents his thoughts as facts, had he
said, this is my opinion… I would have nowhere to go… opinions are like assholes,
everyone has one… and he is certainly entitled to have his own asshole,
but to present it as facts,… no… so should he change this thread into a opinion
piece, I will withdraw my objections to it…


Well…here we actually agree…

So it is perfectly fine to endlessly lie about Mr Trump (as “IQ45”) - proven to be lies - but still never stopping. Yet it is not ok to tell the actual truth about O’Biden.

The arguments defending the lies concerning Mr Trump was “prove that I have lied”.

Now it is your turn - “Prove that O’Biden has not done as I have stated.”

There are a great many news stories that back up what I have said. It is not my fault that you do not read and filter the news.

Political ‘facts’ are merely dressed up opinions to fit the occasion.

After all, we get facts from second hand sources.

But, there is concensus that establishes some opinions as more ‘worthy’ then others.