Highly Unusual

If you watched someone down a punch of pills and the person was claiming to be suicidal, would you try to stop it, I would think I would.

news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081122/ap_ … am_suicide

A cruel world we live in?

Yeah, I don’t really have a problem with the people that chose inaction, but I do have a problem with the fact that there were some people cheering for him to do it.

Can someone explain to me the scenario?

Sure, kid’s posted in the past on this body-building site that he is going to kill himself. Then, in a chat room or something on the same, he states that he is going to kill himself, turns on his web-cam and proceeds to take significantly more than the medically prescribed dosage of his medicine in combination with an illegal narcotic.

Some root for him, some tell him not to do it, some say nothing and a few people attempt to seek out the site’s admins to try to stop him, but many people watch.

Long story short, kid ends up dying, I guess the webcam had been on for twelve hours and was still on when the cops came into his room, one of them even got filmed before another covered up the camera.

A desperate cry for help & care go unanswered, and a young child loses his life to Nature.

Assimilate or die.

No one gives a shit

I kind of do sometimes, but other times not really.

Or, maybe he just faced the reality of an uncaring Life and Universe, and could not face that painful realization…?

On one hand I feel sad for this lost soul, but on the other I approve of his decision.

It takes both guts and cowardice in the same move. I don’t really know what to feel for him.

At least he made a name for himself…

That’s true, he will be well-known for about thirty minutes or so. I have no intentions on suicide, but had it been me, I would probably have preferred to disappear quietly.

Nobody will ever know what was going on in that kid’s mind. I wonder if it was maybe some kind of social experiment, maybe he just wanted to see if anyone would go that far out of their way, tap multiple resources and investigate into the matter to try to determine exactly who he was, where he lived and stop his death.

It is a long shot, but I think maybe it was a social experiment.

Somehow I don’t find his story as endearing as Kitty Genovese’s. Maybe it’s exhibitionist, attention-whore nature of the set-up that’s turning me off.

What a douche bag, attempting to normalize suicide by exploiting the internet for his narcissistic gluttony.

I hope 50 more kids do it so they have to start coming up with more entertaining ways of offing themselves it they’re goint to make a name for themselves at all. Get it to where kids are running into schools shooting the places up then killing themselves in streaming HD.

I saw the picture of that guy and if I were him I would have probably killed myself too. I just would have done it with some dignity.

I think if the boy was reaching out for help, he turned to the unreal world of the net. I think it might be a sad statement that the unreal has become real for people. Their life is the net. He sought out folks that could not really help. Tragedy.

The Japanese are ahead in this cyber suicide thing…they even created this.

A book every whiny nihilist should have, in my opinion.


I keep getting these boxes in my IE or Mozilla browser. How can I fix them to show the appropriate characters???

I don’t think you can, I think it just means the way something is formatted doesn’t jive with your computer. For instance, anytime someone sends me an attachment using the new version of Microsoft Word, I have to open it on my laptop, the two computers at the hotel don’t recognize it as anything on the version of Word that they use so it comes up as a bunch of boxes.

I can see all the characters. You have to download and install the character sets on many browsers. Either download and use Firefox or install Big5 on your browser. That should pretty much cover you. I don’t think it registers hiragana but you can download an equivalent for that as well.

There’s a sense of disconnectedness when you see things like that on the 'net. Obviously this was a well-covered case where a teen really did kill himself, but given the prevalence of viral ads & goofs, why should one necessarily assume the attempt is genuine? Even here we’ve seen members have very public meltdowns- some have led to arrests. I’m usually surprised as I generally figure it’s a manufactured issue created to get attention or amuse oneself.

Suicide is a serious issue, or at least it can be. I fully support a persons right to live their life as they fit and end it as they see fit. What do you own if not your self? That said, circumstances matter. While it’s understandable that an elderly terminal cancer patient might prefer a peaceful exit to an agonizing death, it’s a lot harder to rationalize a healthy teenager killing themself. It’s the classic “permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

Is all suicide tragic? I don’t think so, or at least if it is it’s tragic in a poetic, melancholy way. The tragedy is all the stuff leading up to the moment of clarity where one resolves to end it. The actual suicide is a footnote. Sometimes it’s probably a pretty good option, or at least the least objectionable of many bad ones.

Phaedrus, I love reading what you have to say and I think that may be my favorite post of yours I have ever seen.

I agree completely that suicide is a footnote, because once that ultimate decision is made the person is already dead inside. As is the case with all people who are dying or dead, some can be resuscitated, some could be brought back to life had the attempt been made sooner, and some never had a chance of resuscitation.

I believe that the aspect of the act that bothers me most is the fact that (in some cases) nobody can ever really know why the person commits suicide. In many cases, a note is left, but even then, it may be what a person THINKS led them to make that decision and not the ultimate cause of the decision. The biggest tragedy for family and friends of the deceased I believe is not so much the person being gone (as death is inevitable anyway) but having to spend the rest of their own lives wondering if there was maybe something they could have done or signs that they missed.

We are not all doctors though, I speak in metaphor here, but there are those of us that do not even understand the basics of medicine, there are some that may be trained in CPR, but not all of us can know exactly what to do in every situation. Very rarely do we see the symptoms of the ailment before the actual disease strikes these individuals down, and even when we do notice the symptoms, we may not always know how to treat the symptoms or be aware of what preventive techniques can be used to avoid the full-blown disease.

The true tragedy is for those that live on, almost invariably, in most successful suicide attempts, the person attempting suicide got what they wanted. I believe the only exception to this is the, “cries for help,” that go wrong.

The only situation in which I see suicide as being justified would be if you already have kids and you can be of no possible future benefit to them. In any other situation, you have to realize that pain is an evolutionarily developed mechanism for survival, so killing yourself to end the pain is like deliberately flying your fighter jet into the ground because some of the warning lights are blinking red.