I’ve been called a plethra of names ranging from ‘silly monkey’ to O_G to 'an ape. you are the very example of mixing gone wrong '.

Anyways… tons of names… but the one that always seems to stand out in my mind is when the conservatives or otherwise likeminded people call me and others a ‘Hippie’

When I see this word directed at me I get the general feeling that it is degrogatory in nature… a way of saying to the world ‘This person thinks about things I feel are a waste of time’ essentially.

Now that’s just my personal opinion… but I truly feel like alot of you out there that feel like there are certain entitled ‘lines of thought’ that you see are superior. So for example… Logic is wise and worthwhile of investigation… however a post investigating the nature of say… ‘the power of peace’ might be answered with something like ‘War is the only way to solve problems… friggin liberal hippie’

Now i realize somemthing like Logic has an extensive past and is a very deep subject… and the power of peace has not been investigated much and so may be deemed as a somewhat limited train of thought. This is probably true for the most part… and I see that, I’m not trying to say otherwise…

but what I am saying is that there is this condecending attitude in which the ‘conservatives’ seem to uphold… the word ‘hippie’ and how it is used (I feel) is evidence of this.

So what’s the deal? what’s the problem with having my head in the clouds… someone has to do it, otherwise this world would be a boring place indeed… *******, *** you guys are smart as hell… but also really boring in my eyes… maybe it’s my age getting in the way, maybe not. It’s all subjective anyways… the point is that I don’t say things like

after your posts. I may not always agree… but I usually (and obviously there are some possibly drunken typed exceptions… but I recognize them… hence this post) hold onto the belief that the opposition of ideas we see here is ultimately a good thing…

I feel like I need to hear your opinion… despite my take on it, to advance in any way in my knowledge obtained here. Maybe it is only us ‘hippies’ that recognize this… I am trying to figure out why we haven’t cared enough to create some sort of derogatory term for you opposers besides things like ‘closed minded’ or something like that.

AAAaaallll we are saaaay-ing is giiiive peeeace a chaaance…

yo me gusta los trees y los liberals :wink:

Bloody Hippies! :laughing:


If someone calls me a hippie, I take it as a compliment.

Really, anyone who uses “hippie” as an insult, is a joke to me.

Who do they think they are Eric Cartmen? Yea, that is really a “person” to idolize.

Who are you talking to? My sense of humour is a little odd at the best of times. But really I would never call anyone names, no not ever! It’s simply not my style. There are far greater ways of getting through to people than pissing them off. Hippy is just a way people describe anyone who exists outside of the box(es) and I agree it’s a compliment of the very best kind. Embracetrees thinks I dislike her but really I only say the things I say cause she’s a bright girl that needs a bit of prodding and poking from time to time. Actually she reminds me of me only she’s better at it. Any 15 year old with her intelligence, drive and independant thinking deserves support.

OG, give up the weed man, it blocks your truest creativity and vision. Trust me, I’ve been there.


Heh, I editted my post right away because I thought it seemed as if I was addressing someone in the thread when I said “Who do you think you are?” Apparently you thought so too. :laughing:

I decided to change it to “Who do they think they are?”

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I was just referring to people who throw around the word hippie as an insult. I knew you were just joking. :sunglasses:

No offense A… but when it comes to life choices like this one… I only trust myself.

That’s a pretty subjective statement anyways… weed isn’t for everyone, I know that very well.

Besides… creativity and vision are for suckers… it’s all about elitism and money… booya!

Nuffink wrong wiv hippies, I used ta be one. Got the hair to prove it an’ everyfing. And the pin-hole burns in me old cheesecloth shirts like.

Now I’m a bling-hippy, an’ I drive around in style, flauntin’ me ill-gotten gainz, flashin’ me silver Ankh, and doin’ flower-power drive-bys on the unhip.


The late 60’s… Hair down to our ass, bell bottoms that could double as a tent, Mao’s little red book in a pocket, the Chevy van,… All that superficial crap - along with a lot of superficial ideology…

Most of the ‘conservatives’ you’re running into here weren’t born yet when we hippies were shaking the box. They are reacting to history. They weren’t there. Their understanding is as superficial as as half the crap we went through. Let it go.

Labeling is the easiest thing in the world. We ought to know. We did it ourselves. “Never trust anyone over thirty.” We like labeling because it allows us to dismiss a whole person or groups of people in a single word without having to muss our hair. It’s the height of lazy thinking.

Of course you know that, or you wouldn’t have started this thread. Let 'em go. Those who think that the philosophies of life is life just need a little more time in the oven…


You are such a hippie!

Honestly, you shouldn’t concern yourself too much with the opinion of people who resort to name calling. Name calling is a sign of weakness, that you are incapable of convincingly discussing your opinions and instead resort to calling your opponent names trying to ridicule your him and his opinions.

Being called a hippie is not a compliment?

there are basically two kinds of hippies: one being those natural ones who are bored of traditional humanity hence wanting to try on new social clothings, the other being those naturally unatural ones who therefore have unatural senses of humor hence keep acting bizar ways in which they believe they are being properly funny. note that the first group crosses over the boundary now and then during their existential experiements. so i reckon to distinguish between the two all one needs is a purely natural sense of humor

I like the kind of hippy that enjoys going with the flow and taking things as they come. Some of these people seem like they are just trying to be ok with what is going on and want to live life.

I hate the kind of middle-class hippy that is all into the environment and liberal social causes to the point where they will HATE you if you disagree with them. I have no idea what to call it, but those PC types have something of Hilter about them.

Lol. Playing the Hitler card…haven’t seen THAT one for a while…nice… :sunglasses:

And no, please don’t think I was inferring the message was about me…I dislike THAT kind of hippy too…I was raised by the first kind you mentioned (make assumptions at will…). I’m merely commenting on the tired “Hitler” comparison…

It was with you in mind.

It’s ironic that you should point out an overused cliche!

In my own way I enjoy you. If that’s not proof that I’m insane then nothing is. You are just so comical.

Seriously though, did you find those kind of parents annoying? It seems like you have a very open side mixed with a very conservative side, and I don’t mean politically.

Oh please please post a pic. I for one would love to see you in a psychedelic shirt. C’mon JT.

Perhaps the ideology is somewhat different JT, but certainly the term is alive and well and being bandied around left right and centre. The meaning today is different from the original word, but it still carries a certain weight. It is used for anyone these days who is nature loving and refuses to by into the system. That is all. It’s used for them ‘out of box’ types.


Angel asks:

Sorry, but almost all of the pics from those days were lost in a bit of flooding. Haven’t missed 'em much. Just use you’re imagination a little. Pull up a pic of an Orangatang, put on a paisley shirt with really wide collars, or maybe a tie-dyed T shirt, a navy surplus pea coat, and that pretty much has it. Somewhere along the line I got tired of the long hair and went to an Afro… That required straight-leg jeans and hand-spun cotton shirts with Nehru collars… Thank god for the flood. :unamused:

I’m aware how the term ‘hippie’ is being used today, but I see the same illusion we suffered. Outside the box just means outside one box and into another. A subtlety perhaps, but the more things change, the…
The commonality of yesterday and today’s hippies is that of hope. The silly notion that somehow, it could be better. Of course, the cynics who look down their noses at the hippies know that it isn’t possible.


Conventionally no, it’s not possible, but if we go deeper we might find something that will blow us all away. Maybe. Just maybe.


my problems with liberal hippies are multiple and various. However I wouldn’t say that you, Gobbo, were an idiot liberal hippy, I’d say you were a typical centre-left stoner relativist.

I thought like you when I was about 17 or 18, but have changed my mind a lot since then. I’m not trying to make out that you are immature or any such thing, I’m simply narrating a little.