Hitler.. catholic or atheist?

Hitler… catholic or atheist?

I was told he was both at some point in his life. No one seems to want to own him. Your thoughts?

I think that is part of the problem.

He talked about God a lot during speeches . . . but that could have just been to work the crowd.

He was very stronly influenced by Neitzsche, so that seems to argue that he could have been an atheists.

But he was also majorly into the occult.

Given the romanticism of Fascism, especially Nazism, I would say that it is fair to think of Nazism as its own religion incorporating some aspects of Christianity, Neitzsche’s philosophy, Old Norse mythology, and invented Nazi mythology.

From what I read, I would say some kind of syncretism incoporating Aryanism, Socialism, Paganism, Occultism, and Christianity.


I’m wondering what your question has to do with philosophy? There might be a philosophical angle to your question that I’m simply missing. Lacking that, do you suppose it might be better placed in the Social Sciences, Religion or perhaps the Psychology headings?

As for your question, you might find it helpful to poke around here a bit.

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These quotes (which I copied from http://nobeliefs.com/HitlerSources.htm) make clear what Hitler’s angle was:

That is, Hitler was an Antichristian, but not an anti-Christ. But see my discussion with Uniqor in the Nietzsche is a fraud thread (starting on page 2).

P.S.: Compare the following passage from Nietzsche’s book Der Antichrist (which I prefer to translate as “The Antichristian” - Christ meaning both “Christ” and “Christian” in German):

“I go back, I tell the genuine history of Christianity.— The very word “Christianity” is a misunderstanding—, in truth, there was only one Christian, and he died on the cross. The “evangel” died on the cross. What has been called “evangel” from that moment was actually the opposite of that which he had lived: “ill tidings,” a dysangel.”
[The Antichristian, section 39.]

Or the following:

“The church is precisely that against which Jesus preached - and against which he taught his disciples to fight…”
[Nietzsche, The Will to Power, section 168.]


“Precisely that which is Christian in the ecclesiastical sense is anti-Christian in essence”.
[ibid., section 159.]

So Hitler was not a so-called “Christian”, like most people who call themselves “Christians” - in this sense he was an Antichristian (anti-“Christian”) -; but he believed he was a true Christian, one who followed the example of Jesus himself. In this sense, he was a Christian.

An anti-Judeo-Christian, but a pro-Aryo-Christian.

Thanks for everyone’s replies, I appreciate all your thoughts on this subject.

The question doesn’t seem relavent.

Hitler certainly wasn’t devout by any means. Therefore I get the impression that if he was a Christianity it certainly didn’t overtly influence his political war-time desicions. And, therefore, arguing against Christianity because Hitler was Christian is sort of vacuous because by all accounts he wasn’t a spiritual/orthodox man.

And in terms of Hitler being an atheist: That bothers me to a far greater extent because it is based on the assumption that atheism could fuel one into commiting autrocities like that of the holocaust. By what criterion would he make desicions like the systematic extermination of a race of people?

There is quite obviously no logic in this argument because there is very little to work on to make terrible deductions like that of what Hitler decided on.

“I don’t believe in God—I must prosecute, kill, and attempt to completely annahilate the people specifically labelled Jews after an ancient religion who has the same religious roots as those of my arian peoples!”