Hive Mind- the next generation of superorganism.

I’m inspired to consider a specific scenario of a “hive mind” which is quite stunted by lack of technological knowledge and warped by unrealistic science fiction. This article is the closest I can scrounge toward scientiffic evidence.

Either way, I’m fully convinced that the idea is entirely technologically plausible, simply because neurotransmitters would seem compatible with computer transistors so long as you have some organic “translator” between them. It would expand on the technology for the remote cell phone earpiece we see today.

My basic use of “hive mind” here is in the idea that people will simply no longer fancy decisions to switch others on and off. They won’t even bother to always make communication verbal or textual. It’ll be discovered more efficient for business, and sometimes more enjoyable, to simply allow their devices to sort of “brainwave” the message. Neurotransmitters fire into a device, which follows algorithms that distributes those processed neurotransmissions to specified destinations, of another similar device that reverses the process. You will certainly be able to turn the machine off, but society will already be addicted. Refusing to do so will risk economical disadvantage.

I can imagine psychological and physical complications- your brain is genetically geared to one body. It can’t just “learn” all the new surroundings. Genetic modification might be adopted. First quite modest, then more ongoing and intense. A “new human species” could be graudually invented within the choices of parents and educators. Not necessarily so different in appearance, but perhaps in mind.

The barebones question is: Given that we see hive minds up and coming in the future, what would it mean for all of us?

Metaphysically, that raises concerns about whom is really a “person.” Ethically, that raises concerns of whom has what rights. You don’t see me trying to give legal rights to every cell in my body, do you? And we would in principle begin to function more like cells in a body. Would technology eventually bring about a natural order to a person’s rights based on the same order in an organism? They have varying levels of freedom to function, but they still exist for this function.

I imagine that a fairly simple separation will occur between human beings, collectively. Both groups perhaps equally necessary in the human experiment. One group of people will embrace this hive mind, and become the technological elite. It will be their responsability to respect the choices of the second group (if that’s the more ethical decision), despite the fact that the second group might seem to weigh down the progress. The second group will coerce and enforce “abstinance” from this technology amongst its members. They will shun it, but avoid the idea of war. There will be much abuse of power, but in the end the second group will probably finally decide to adopt the new ideals- and society will remember its capability to experiment with individuality, should it ever find such a thing necessary.

Do I really expect this in 20 years? Not really. Do I expect it in . . . 100? I don’t know. Maybe.

I agree… identity is fuzzy…
do you think we (our generation) will be able to enjoy that stuff?

i think it’s not that easy though and 20 years is too little of a time span…
cause knowledge of the subject of consciousness and the human mind is not as clear as the technology field yet…

what if it goes wrong and instead of transmiting the dream you want to share, you transmit one you DON’T want to share?

i think personal privacy can be severely violated if such a technology where to exist…because as unicel, nextel and all of the others are able to access your phone, the wi-fi-telepathy companies would be able to access your brain…
your MIND!

Thanks for response, heavenly.

I think that internet is kind of our taste tester to such a network. Everything good or bad that we experience regarding internet is probably going to be more present in such a “mental” network. Privacy and copyright issues abound on the internet, likewise probably with this network. You could even imagine people making the defense that they didn’t steal copyright because they can’t even tell wheather they’re the original thinker.

A new form of brainwashing would indeed be possible. People immersed in virtual realms that they may realize are not reality, but are still forced to experience them. There are optical cameras already in existence which simulate the eye and implant almost flawlessly. What if the information transmission portion of this camera were removed from the actual sensory and forced to interface with fabricated imagery. We can strap a person in a chair in front of a screen. Same thing, just a little more effective.

But this is not to instill fear. Technology happens, and we aren’t going to simply “end” it. Nor does this mean absolute control. I imagine human struggles occuring in just the same way. No “evil empire,” just the common confused, rivalling political bodies. I think the biggest impact we’re facing is the rethinking of the word “I,” no longer by simple philosophical inquiry, but by technological pressures.

if everyone has so many voices in their head at one time it would be like a very bad ADD or it would drive people crazy or alot more stress, could any thing ever get done with that going on? and what would a glitch in the system do to everyone?