The pound sterling [love that - sterling!] falls against other currencies as word of the incidents hits the markets. The index of leading shares on London’s stock exchange also falls.

The city’s stock exachange is not to be worried, London’s financial backbone is strong enough to take shocks ten times heavier than this one. Take extra care when using the tubes in the future liquidangel. Is it still that bad in RSA, even in urban areas? I guess going back there for the summer isn’t an option then.


Thank you for your concern. I don’t use the tubes, I cycle.

I didn’t run away from SA, I came to live in the UK. There is a difference. I don’t feel like leaving London now either, I love being here and I’m not leaving because of a few incidents. Also if I felt to go back to SA I would do it in a heart beat. It is my home, where I was born. To me it’s the most beautiful place on earth. Have you ever been to Cape Town? It’s beauty will blow your mind. The truth is I’m not done with London and I’m not afraid. If we understand the laws of the world and our roles that we play, we know that life is fragile, anything can happen, but we also know that we grow out of such adversity if we are so inclined. It is up to each and every one of us to choose what kind of life we wish to live. My life is filled with blessings and I’m grateful. I didn’t always see it that way - but I see it now.


I have a friend who i studied with in and around the London area who was originally from cape town. He tells me he lives in a valley and it does sound beautiful. To tell you the truth though, i perfer dusty lands, ie Egypt/Morocco and Greece etc. It gives the feel of ancient times :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t say that you “run away” from there. I watched a documentry on BBC2 not long ago, it was about Afrikan farmers being killed by African youth in the countryside. I can imagine the ever present apatheid legacy left by the British emperialists. I’m not familiar with the RSA politics, now that the Zulu King’s gone, I hear that the new one is being called by their own people as “sissy” and “sell-out”… so even if you did kind of “run away” from there, it’s perfectly understandable. Alas! England is not free from racial conflicts either! No multy-racial place on earth is free from such conflicts! What sad realisation! Where is the divine blessing as we, especially the Londoners really need it now? Let’s forget about being brave, taking care should be the concern. The terrorists are stupid to dream of a deadly psychological impact with merely four little bombs - they might achieve their aim to scare only if they say, blew a hole out of the earth where London is now, like Nagasaki and Horishima.

“My life is filled with blessings and I’m grateful. I didn’t always see it that way - but I see it now.”

That’s a nice thing to believe, and believing is what’s important, so lucky you. Me, I have to read Nietzsche and overcoming nihilism and stuff like that in order to feel happy. I’d like to take the short-cut and be bapitised in a church, but incidents such as the London bombing tells me that God is powerless - the best he can do for his believers is to offer them a chance to morn and pray for their dead. Well that’s just not good enough for me - what if I am myself one of the dead, injured, scared for life. Worse still, what if I am the relative of the victim - can the Lord resurrect my beloved like he ressurected his own son?

Heaven and hell are not geographical, they are psychological, they are your psycho-logy. Heaven and hell are not at the end of your life, they are here and now. Every moment the door opens; every moment you go on wavering between heaven and hell. It is a moment-to-moment question, it is urgent; in a single moment you can move from hell to heaven, from heaven to hell.

Hell and heaven are within you. The doors are very close to each other: with the right hand you can open one, with the left hand you can open another. With just a change of your mind, your being is transformed --from heaven to hell and from hell to heaven. Whenever you act unconsciously, without awareness, you are in hell; when-ever you are conscious, whenever you act with full awareness, you are in heaven.

  • Osho

It’s all just a matter of what we choose to think about.

It’s not that God is powerless, we must suffer the consequences of our own actions - individually and collectively. We cannot see the cause so we say there is no consequence. We cannot see the cause so we say that God does not exist. God created the laws of the universe, but in order for us to understand the laws we must learn to speak the language of the universe, the language of our hearts, God’s language.

God wants us to have understanding. With understanding we can prevent disasters from happening. With understanding we don’t create negative consequences. If we truly understood what the result of all our actions would be, we would transform ourselves in a nano-second. Even if you enlighten yourself, even if you have the faith of a mustard seed - the faith to move mountains, you cannot escape your karma.


A hi, with my grade A* in GCSE Religious Studies, I’m well aware of the arguements presented by Christians against the problem of suffering. My question stands, what’s the real attraction for me to accept your or anybody else’s preaching and join the church? It seems to me that karma decides everything for me, not God, so why should I worship him?

You don’t have to do anything.


I also forgot to mention that the concept of reincarnation might present a strong case of contradition to heaven and hell.

I hate to appear like a “cry-baby” as the yanks here call it, but with some on and off posting with you hitherto, I think I’ve earned the right to finally do it: I’ve shown you more patience and sincerity than anyone else here, in trying to make serious disscussions about your believes and ideas. I wish that you’d actually read proper inquiries of knowledge besides the bible and tao so that you would see all the well-thought and well-meant content hidden in my witty posts that’s carefully written for you. Frankly and disappointingly, there is nothing so far in your responce that’s new or challenging to me. The more disappointing fact is shown by your unwillingness to continue perfectly initiated disscussions. I’m tired of trying to figure out your actual mentality and motives behind this famous “back off” act of yours - could it be the stressful, restrictive and hectic urban jubgle effect? Or is it simply the mid-life crisis caused sturboness and weariness of women in general? Or Uniqor is just a scary and mean"bloody nutter" as you once called? Hmmm, more like the case… or is it really? Come out to the charming countryside of Gloucester, I’ll take you to see the enchanting channels that we have here, with a bit of luck we might get on a ferry boat floating on the waves among the Dean woods under whose leaves Merlin once lived. Heaven is a place on earth indeed, no one can be much gratefull believing that heaven only comes after death - surely you are un-Christian enough to know that. But do you know this: Nietzsche would make you feel even better, see even better in the practical day-to-day life, than the thickly, sickly manifested “combination of Christianity and Tao” or anyother meta-physical ferrytales for that matter? Read Nietzsche and realise how great a chance of sharing the greatest would-be FANfare and FUNfare that you’ve been missig.

My dear Uniqor,

I’m perplexed at why you would be trying to figure me out. I’m neither Christian nor Taoist. I’m not a Buddhist or a Muslim ok. I AM NOT RELIGIOUS but I do live a life filled with God. If I was going to be religious I might choose Confucianism. Now if that is difficult for you to grasp, so be it. I ask questions of myself and the world. I have read Nietzsche and I am not stressed out. Just busy.

I have been to Gloucester many times. I do love it there, I have to say. If you are asking me on a romantic river boat ride, I’ll have to decline. But if you’re ever in London, pop in and we’ll laugh at this over a cup of tea.

As for your question on reincarnation presenting a strong case against Heaven and Hell, I’ll get back to you. Right now my 3D life beckons.




To put a silly twist on this, I’ll match your spirituality and raise you with Karma. That is, months ago you (unintentionally?) misrepresented what had gone down between Satyr and myself (and others). I took the time to explain clearly where/why your interpretation was wrong. Yet, you never responded (a simple “Oh, I didn’t know that” or “Oh, I never thought of it THAT way” would have sufficed). Well, now Karma has come around and burdened you with Imp and his amazing ability to distort EVERYTHING you write to incredible (I can think of another “i” word…) proportions.

Karma, baby, karma… :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

It’s true psyche. My modus operandi is to walk away. You obviously have a keen eye.

And yes, what goes around comes around!


P.S. If you could point me to the post you are referring to about you and Satyr, I will gladly look at it and give you a reason for my lack of interest or at the very least apologise for ignoring you completely. I personally don’t enjoy arguing and arguing and… You will notice I’ve left Imp to carry on with his monologue.

Arrgggh…I just tried checking, LA, but couldn’t find the post (I DID put a lot of effort in though…). It was probably around eaerly May and likely in Social Science. It was in ref to the Sexual Tensions thread, but your post wasn’t there (unless I missed it). There was one other thread going down around the same time but I can’t remember which one. I’ll try ONE more time…

Perhaps it was another psychotic episode? :astonished:

Actually Heaven is absolute. In Reality there is only Heaven. Hell falls under the world of duality and so does reincarnation. We reincarnate until we are able to free ourselves from the cycle. We don’t only reincarnate into this earthly realm but into all sorts. We might go to one of the levels of qi heaven for a time or we might go to one of the levels of hell. In absolute terms heaven and hell do not exist, neither does reincarnation. The only thing that exists is Truth.


Psyque, I’m almost certain I didn’t even go into that Sexual Tensions thread much less anything referencing it. Again if you can find it, give me a shout. You might be mistaking me for another poster.



I am somewhat familiar with Indian and have seen how the idea of reincarnation plays itself out there. The concept seems like yet another religious/political excuse to oppress people.

Firstly, you have the caste system, that is based on the Laws of Manu, and promotes that some groups are born better than others, and so their lot in life is fixed. For instance, there is a trash collecting caste, and they are born to this, and may not be able to get out. Ideally, there is a caste for every function. Personally, this system just seems like a technique to create a division of labor based on religious mumbo-jumbo. However, they believe that the lower castes asked for their station in life, due to their behavior in a previous life, and the same goes for the high castes.

Also, it is notorious that the crippled and the handicapped are neglected in that country as they are seen as having earned their disability through past bad behavior. So, few resources have to be spent on anyone except the high castes that are living healthy lives.

So, I view the concept of reincarnation as a kind of con-game played out on whoever accepts it. So, I’m wondering if you have ever thought of these things and considered the broader implications of the idea?


There may be a culture developed around an interpretation of karma in India certainly. There certainly seems to be an awareness of the laws of cause and effect. What appears to be unfair on the surface is in fact perfectly just the deeper one delves into the why’s and hows. It’s a very simple message really but is not only an eastern concept, Jesus said: “You reap what you sow.”

It is my opinion that the universe is just. That every effect has it’s cause. We simply do not understand what we cannot see.


Have you read the Laws of Manu?

Isn’t it the case that the Indian or pre-Indian culture made up the concept of reincarnation? So, I would assume that they set the tone and purpose of the concept.

Also, Jesus, although I never met him, was suggesting what he said about Earthly atcivities. I doubt that he thought that crippled people were at fault for their problems. If he did, then he was certainly nice about the whole thing.