Hoaxer Tracked!

You know Imp, despite your obsessive-compulsive-impulsive infatuation with witticisms and puns and stuff which occupies you seventy-percent of the time you are here, I think they are really good, and well, I suggest collecting them all onto one paper.

Could you get them all, or would you have to remember each one again? There are literally hundreds by now, I’m sure.


Shotguns are way too sloppy. I’ve a nice little 6mm custom with a 40x scope that will turn dice to powder at a hundred yards…


I stopped shooting dice down the alley years ago, ever since the 45 got snagged in my coat lining and the bastard left a 6 inch slash in the sleeve of a 600.00 leather coat. It was OK. He left 800.00 on the ground making his escape… :laughing:


So far, LE seems to wait until there is an acting out before they pursue the internet records. The only exceptions I’ve seen are the sting operations going after the child porn/pedophile stuff. But yes, the first brush with the law, and every stupid utterance you’ve ever made on the net is potentially subject to “review”.

Well, I can think of maybe half-a-dozen people here, that based on the things they’ve said about current Government officials, combined with the fact that they’re still free enough to post here, tells me the rest of us probably have nothing to worry about!

This is some good material Faust, for my theory. I have a theory, which I would call psychological.

I believe that forum members take delight in the fact that the other members think they are more than one screen-name. What then happens is the member takes their favorite member and fantasizes that the other members think he is him.

Right? Don’t you want ILP to think you are me? Of course you do. Everybody does, its okay man. But I’m small time, really, I have a very limited formal education but I did solve Direlli’s Paradox in 2001, so that’s something.

But woe unto thee who I wish I was!

I would want to be Gamer and Dunamis for sure, but also Polemarchus. I would want Gamer’s wit and prose, and the other dudes’ intelligence.

I would be literally unstopable in debate.


Don’t take this the wrong way, detrop, but I don’t want ILP to think I am you. I have only one screen name. If I took more than one, I’d be likely to argue with it. That’s a sure way to lose an argument you should have won.

I think.

I think that we’re in the beginnings of internet regulation. I’m seeing a lot about the effects of the internet on culture and politics. That means that capitalists are becoming annoyed at “boobs” on the net disrupting their plans.

As well they should be. There are plenty of boobs on the net trying to disrupt plenty of things. I don’t agree with regulation, but yes, the internet is having an effect on culture, and I don’t see a lot of it as good.

I agree.

It might not seem like much but we are all engaged in instant publishing, and yet there are no ethical standards for the activity.

A person with the right programs can make a site that looks like a million bucks and fill it with crap. Since packaging sells in the culture there’s something to worry about.

Also, on a personal level, the internet is making us all extremely isolated.

Apparently the hoaxer was a MO-ron, and hadn’t ever heard of Tor.


I guess physically, but it’s great for stuff like we’re doing here. You might live in a town that’s filled with boring people that you’d be mentally isolated from.

Nope, I didn’t mean physically. I mean, because of the nature of internet “communities”, people can surround themselves, and fill up their social lives, with only people who agree with them. You can be a pedophile, blue-grass singer or a Democrat, and thanks to the internet, surround yourself only with people who support and applaud what you’re doing.
Being forced to talk to people where the only thing you know about them for starters is what they look like is what dialectic is all about. It’s sad when people go to christianrepublicanswhoarein … mester.com, argue about the issues of the day, and think they’ve edified themselves.


The net isn’t the only source of isolation. We can now choose O’Reilly or Olberman, or listen to a dozen different radio talk shows that are niche marketed into whatever we want.

Remember my worn-out statement that all we see is diatribe and no dialogue?

Yep that’s true to an extent- though television and newspapers aren’t quite so tailor-made, and don’t play to the fringe quite so well.

Good point.

It’s the new fascism!

I was kidding silly.

Its just my usual trademark arrogance, you know.

Mr P. I agree - the net is what we make it. This site kicks it, for people like us. I can’t have many of these converstations in RL. Which of us can?

And I have met a couple of folks in RL through this site that I’m glad I did - and will meet some more, soon.

Isolation is, for most people, a choice. But the net has made it more of a choice than it was, for many.

But it shouldn’t be a haven for criminals. That isn’t a good thing. Regulation will probably go too far. It always seems to. But you could say that about this crazy rule about driving on the right side of the street, too.

It could be a lot more sad, trust me.

If we lose the internet (and yes, any kind of regulation is a loss)… I just can’t express how fucked we’d all be.

Don’t agree with me?

Try not using the internet for a week and having to get your ‘facts’ from the folks at CI-Any corporate news organ. Cause that’s essentially what you’d be doing.

The fact that answers most of the questions in this thread is that in most US states, an IP address is not considered ‘personal information’ in the eyes of the law.

Recently, the OECD countries agreed that the location of a website server constituted a “permanent establishment” for that company or webmaster. Only the UK disagreed with this idea.

Could you expand on the implications of what you just discussed?