Today a man who talked about his survival of the Holocaust came into my school’s chapel. He gave a touching speech, but what I found ironic, is at the end of the speech, another jewish kid says “And that proves, the Holocaust happened!” Of course, the first question that must pop into any sceptics mind is “did the Holcaust really happen?” and since there really is so much questioning, how does anyone know for sure? Any sites with evidence that can convince me right off the bat? How does one know for sure, and will this denial movement grow?

Haha. Well I understand how badly he wants to ensure that people unerstand the holocaust DID happen, as the event is very important to maintaining his current idea of himself, his family, and his people. But of course the man’s speech doesn’t PROVE it happened. The man COULD have been lying.

While it’s possible that the thousands of testimonies we have from survivors of the Nazi holocaust are lying, it’s more likely that one of several things has happened:

  1. Because Jews were the principle victims of the holocaust, they are the only ones properly remembered. It is easier to tell a simple story of Nazis killing Jews than it is to point out that the British invented concentration camps and that the Nazis killed thousands if not millions of communists, homeless people, disabled people, gypsies and so on.
  2. The holocaust did happen, but the black and white story of who was responsible is a poor representation, for the same reason as above.
  3. The holocaust has been exaggerated. Now, if we’re talking total deaths at the hands of one government, or deaths/time, then the Nazi holocaust isn’t even the worst in the 20th century. But it is by far the most infamous, has had the most movies made about it etc. etc.
  4. Many holocaust deniers are probably more pissed off with zionism than they are advancing a genuinely held historical belief.

Of course nobody can know for sure. This man and thousands of others might all by lying in a giant conspiracy that they’ve manufactured evidence on a grand scale for.

In fact, nobody can prove to me that the earth really existed at this time either… not even the millions of liars who claim to have been there :laughing: