Holy spirit attacks man in New york street


A man visiting New york in America recently stunned local police there when he entered their precinct claiming to have been attacked by the holy spirit .

The man , Greg hayman , 54 and on vacation at the time in New york , suffered a fractured shin and bruising to the face and arms from what he claims was a vicious unprovoked attack , and remarkably has identified the assailants as a handful of invisible entities.

Mr hayman from London in England told police " I was walking down the street , and suddenly I felt what I thought was a wind coming up from behind me , all of a sudden Im thrown to the ground , I turned to see who had pushed me , but there was nobody there , then I heard all this yelling " .

Police officer Joseph colqhoun of Nypd who took the statement from Mr hayman , along with three other fellow officers , had this to say ;

Mr hayman had arrived with two witnesses who he claimed had seen the attack .

One of the witnesses , Mrs barbara Hanniford , an office worker in the area where the attack took place had this to say in an interview with police ;

In the remarkable claim , Mr hayman says he had been thrown to the ground , then punched and kicked , by what seemed like at least half a dozen christian saints .

But Asked why he was trying to sue the Catholic church for damages a concerned and emotional Mr hayman told this to BBC news ;

It is the first record of anyone attempting to sue the Catholic church for damages based on this type of claim .

Mr Hayman , a business management consultant with global IT company " Netsource " returned to England last november in 2005 a month after the apparent attack , and insisted that he has developed tinnitus , a malfunction of the ear drum , because of the severity of the beating , Mr Hayman has been unable to return to work so far since November claiming the incident has caused him to suffer greatly from stress .

He continues his campaign to press charges against the Catholic church calling them " irresponsible and indifferent to the preternatural damage their own saints and mystics cause "

But spokesman for the Catholic church in New york , an amused and cynical father Hone macbride speaking to NYI news had this to say ;


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