I’m staying at a motel in Los Angeles right now - yesterday night I overheard an interesting conversation in the adjacent room. One guy with a powerful voice was saying “Where’s my money at, homey?” Then some mumbling. “You’re making me fucking angry homey! Where’s the money?” More mumbling. Then a smack, as if a piece of metal hit a piece of plastic, and someone crying out. “That’s what happens homey! Where’s my fucking money!” Another smack, more crying. Then the sounds stropped.
I guess he got his money.

I think you’re staying at the wrong motel–there’s not enough insulation between the walls.

You must know what a ‘homey’ is–even I know that!–But the meaning is going through changes, so what you heard speaker A saying, calling speaker B a ‘homey,’ was actually sarcasm, and very threatening. I’m not sure of your reason for your op, but, if I were you, I’d spend more money than a strip motel costs just to stay away from any potential danger.

:laughing: :laughing: The OP reminds me of an episode of Family Guy.

lizbeth, you try too hard to attach meaning to everything. Dumb.


Yes, Lizbeth, I know what homey means. But thanks.
The motel is very nice. Clean, friendly owners who give me fruit, and I appreciate this sort of occasional entertainment next door. Usually its very quiet though, But then there is free HBO.

Blurredsavant - the similarity is striking! I didn’t hear any toilet activity, but I guess there’s a pattern to follow for debt collectors. I wonder where that “thats what happens” phrase originated, real life or a movie…

Hahaha YES. For some reason the OP reminded me of The Wire and GTA.

No noise tonight
just cars hissing by my window