What are your views of this topic along with gay marriage from a psychological factor.

Look in the rant section or mudane. There is endless stuff about this. My energy for the subject will return in a few years.

Thatnks for the head up.

Imprison all Gays!

Why do you believe that, Iron?

personally i think there should be more gay men, im sick of hearing guys talk about getting laid, they should just have sex with each other and shut the fuck up. :stuck_out_tongue:

im old school with relationships in a way, i don’t view sex as recreation because sex can bring emotions into an empty relationship, also numbing yourself to the emotions envolved with sex seems pretty wreckless as sex is how we reproduce and children need loving familys.

Iv never been against homosexuality, but iv never understood it either, which is why i think a lot of guys should go gay, women as well. if you need to have sex for recreation and numb yourself to the emotions involved, whats a better way to do it then having it with the same sex? there’s no chance of reproducing that way.

On the other hand i really don’t see a point in getting married as a gay person, but that’s my old school way of thinking shinning through, marriage is a place kids should be coming out of, i mean isn’t that why we call people bastards as an insult? i dunno, it doesn;t matter to me. do what you want, but please ask yourself why you want to do something, if its only because joe and susan can do it, then there’s no point, envy is dangerous and nothing to be proud of.

Have you ever spoken to a gay man? theyr obviously confused… they have to try to be feminine… they try to block out all their thoughts and try to convert them into what they think a women would think… and it makes them seem “weird” in our society because they are different… They are a minority… but they are growing like an epidemic… we should start calling it “the gay”

Reading all the posts here, I can’t even tell who is being sarcastic, or who is actually serious about the things they’re saying, i.e. “imprison the gays!” Hassooni, in order to back up what you said in your post, you would have to be both a gay man and an actual woman, to know what each would think, assuming of course, that gay men think typically “gay thoughts” and women think “womanly thoughts.” You must be a mind-reader too, to know what people are thinking just by talking to them.
Also, jjg, what do you mean by “gay marriage from a psychological factor?” Do you mean what is going through the minds of gay people when they decide to get married? I don’t think that it’s any different from the reason why straight people would want to get married; to have their commitment to one another recognized by society, to get tax cuts, because they feel that it solidifies their relationship?


As someone mentioned above, you should check out the previous threads on the topic. It will show you why people have said what you see here. I’m sure you’ve seen that, in psychology, there is very little “fact.” Instead, it’s all about conjecture and trying to support hypotheses with (usually pretty weak/suspect) research and lots of professional experience. And that’s among the professionals. Among the professionals, this process is strongly influenced by personal biases, personal experiences, fear, ignorance, and (hidden) agendas, ESPECIALLY when it comes to matters of sexuality and especially sexual orientation. And this latter sentence is amplified severely in forums such as these, often along with the failure to realize that personal anecdotal experiences prove nothing. Again, check out the previous threads on the topic and you’ll see exactly what I mean (not sure how long you’ve been around here, but you may want to also check out my “1000th post” in the Rant House section to see what you’re getting yourself into when entering such a discussion…).

:sunglasses: I’ve nothing against gays and believe that gay marraige should be legalized as an individual’s civil right. Gays are less prone to violence and areas with numerous gays have very low crime rates., and they are far less likely to be pedaphiles.

Years ago, when my son was hum, four or so, I visited my ex sister-in law in Palm Springs, and we, along with a few of her friends wanted to go out for dinner and dancing, but I had no babysitter. Her gay, male roomate offered. I had not problems with this and my son had a great evening and they went out for ice cream after dinner. They gay roomate refused to accept a nickle for babysitting and said “You kid is a gem, great fun!”

I doubt if individuals choose to be gay as they are persecuted and ridiculed, especially in school. Why would any person choose a lifestyle disdained by so many unless, they are just hard-wired to be attracted to members of the same sex.

I don’t believe for a second that a person’s sexuality (gay, straight, bestial, whatever) is hardwired or innate. As to gay marriage - it doesn’t really concern me.

For what it’s worth I’ve certainly never been overwhelmingly impressed by the gay community. It makes a lot of noise about stuff that isn’t particularly important. This is of course a trait not limited to the gay community.


We can agree to disagree.

You haven’t been impressed by the gay community, hum it seems that there have been many gays who contributed to the arts and sciences. The guy who cracked the Nazi Enigma, gosh I have forgotten his name, was gay, and was busted in the UK for being gay, then he lost his security clearance, PBS ran a movie on his WWII efforts, his life, and ultimate suicide. A suicide that cost humanity a truly gifted human intellect.

And don’t people just love reminding me of that fact? As though the fact they are gay is of the slightest relevance. That’s what I mean about the gay community banging on about unimportant stuff.

Sure, Turing was gay. So was Churchill, though we don’t tend to talk about that for obvious reasons.

Sorry, I do not understand your stance. Do you condone the discrimination against gays by society?

Again, we can agree to disagree. :smiley:

Hum, do you agree that gay couples should be denied the right to marry and enjoy all the perks that go along with marraige (i.e. tax breaks)?

Just asking.

I’ve no problem with gay people achieving the same legal status as heterosexual couples (the tax breaks and the rest of it) but not on the grounds that I believe homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality. I’m not convinced that sexuality is inherent and therefore don’t consider that to be a valid basis for claiming a legal right. I think it should be a matter of law that sexuality does not affect legal status simply because of the hypocrisies involved were this not the case. It’s simply more practical that way.

It is not the norm, just one of natures tricks. Also, many critters often indulge in homosexual acts.

Chuckle, we actually agree regarding this. :smiley:

I believe it is a choice. And I pity people who have comvinced themselves that it is not.

Choosing our sexual orientation is about as feasible as choosing our hair colour.

It’s only a choice in that we can choose to act on our tendancies or not.


:sunglasses: You are entitled to believe as you wish, but on what studies is your belief based?

Well, just for today folks, I’m gonna be gay…

Off to the docks to pick up a sailor or five. Ta-ta… :unamused: