Honey boo boo

Isn’t it fundamentally fucked that the parents of that honey boo boo girl, instead of having their daughter taken away, were given a reality show ?

Yes, it is.

What’s that next to the Republican National Convention? Or the Obama administration? :wink:

No. There are far more important things for you to get worked up over than some dumbass Americans and their dumbass American kid being put on TV for other dumbass Americans to gawp at.

Her mom is an absolute piece of shit. That show nauseates me.

Here’s a revolutionary idea: don’t watch it, then you don’t have to complain about how bad it is on the internets.

…I don’t watch it. I’ve only heard about it.

Here’s another divine insight: Don’t read this thread. Then you don’t have to complain about people complaining about it.

For starters, I don’t watch the show. I’ve seen one episode on youtube and that’s it. I’ve also seen the video with the girl, Alana, that went viral and led to the reality show and I am aware of the allegations being made against the mother.

How bad it is ? I’m not complaining about the quality of the show. I’m complaining about the fact that the show exists in the first place. It is a glorification of terrible parenting, mental abuse and ignorance and the fact that the girl’s family was given a reality show reflects on American culture.


Vol do you remember a show on Fox called The Swan?

Curious, in the short timeframe between me reading your post and clicking ‘quote’, you deleted the bit about me attacking you in every thread because of something to do with Gobbo. Ah well.

I stand by my position that if you ignore these sorts of things then they are less likely to happen. In opposing them you help generate controversy and attention. Same your breath for the things that truly need to be opposed.

No but I just checked it on wikipedia and seems to be a copycat of “extreme makeovers”, a show I did see a few times.
And yes, it raises all kinds of questions regarding self-worth.

I mean, we all know that most reality shows are pretty bad ( and scripted) but this honey boo boo one just really pisses me off because how can we as a society be so permissive as to not only not do anything about this girl but also glorify the whole thing and laugh about it ?

I’m immediately reminded of this scene:


I did because while I do know what you’re doing and see your posts for what they are, others might fail to do so and as such I rather counter-argue your bullshit and show just how nonsensical your statements usually are.

Funny, you expressed no opinion whatsoever on any post of mine until I pointed out your intellectual hypocrisy, and now you’re proclaiming yourself an expert on my positions and statements. I can’t possibly think how you’ve managed such a huge transformation in knowledge in such a short space of time. Unless, of course, it is totally unfounded, childish bluster, an attempt to dismiss what I’m saying because, in your mind, I have some sort of personal agenda against you.

Tell me, have you experienced this sense of persecution before? Do you experience it often, frequently, sometimes, rarely or only on sporadic or random occasions?

Not really, no.

You certainly do but I’m unimportant. I’m more concerned with your agenda against reason and rationality.

I’m all for getting things out in the open, but keep it a clean fight guys :stuck_out_tongue:

So it’s just me that you think has it in for you, on the basis of a couple of posts?

No kidding about you being unimportant, but I’d love to see you expand on this accusation of me being against reason and rationality. Can you give me an example of where I’ve expressed an irrational belief, or a disdain for or opposition to reason? After all, you are now an instant 60-second microwave popcorn expert on me and my thoughts…

And yet so much effort on your part…

I’m a quick typer and a quicker thinker. It’s about as much effort as that 60 second microwave popcorn that I referenced earlier. But come on, out with it - you’ve made an accusation against me, time to back it up. Otherwise I’ll show you what persecution really feels like…

Do it.