Hostel... but softcore


What are the philosophical implications of this?

Could it be much worse than boiling lobsters alive?

There’s been an ongoing debate about whether lobsters and crabs can feel pain. There’s evidence for both sides.

Why? :confused:

Does it taste better alive or something?

I’ve heard the Chinese think suffering makes food taste better…maybe the people in the vid hold the same belief.


I can see the attraction of eating a still-moving thing. The freshest of the fresh, which is especially important with seafood.

I’ve been thinking about it, and I would love to try it; but only if they could kill the brain and keep the body alive.

I think the creature in that video was already dead, just muscle spasms…maybe.

That’s the thing, who knows? I would want to be sure. Fuck the bad karma of making a thing watch while you eat it.


The evidence that lobsters and crabs feel pain is pretty much conclusive, so it probably is a bit cruel. These days the norm when cooking lobsters and crabs is to kill them by forcing a knife through their brain before cooking them - most chefs in the west do it this way nowadays. This is certainly how I do it, anyway.

I would say that this lobster looks delicious, but that the practice also seems somewhat inhumane.

Besides breaking the Noahide Laws prohibition of eating the flesh of a still living animal (I suspect this is a direct response to the dionysian cult) it’s just fucking wrong. You have to kill a animal if your going to eat it. It’s not even about the Noahide Laws, it’s just fucked up. Army goes way, way, way out of it’s way to track down and punish any evidence of animal abuse. It’s taken very seriously, as it’s known such abuse is a gateway to abusing children and new recruits, the children taking precedence obviously in terms of ‘oh shit no’.

Pezer’s plan is turning them into a vegetable… there’s a reason why we call a coma a vegetative state. I think this is unwise, but not inherently cruel. I mean, don’t be doing complex surgery without sedating them trying to cut a chicken’s brainstem away from it’s head like Mike the Headless Chicken. The food needs cooked, all sorts of nasties in it’s system.

In a industrial slaughterhouse, it’s streamline and efficient for how the animals are rapidly killed off. There’s always a need for a guy with a handgun in a slaughterhouse though for when stuff fails. Tom Arnold, the actor, used to be employed doing just that before he became famous. The best systems fail… you need a human backup to intelligently and swiftly put the situation to a end.