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I don’t know how many of you here are GTA players, (I myself am not one, I abhore the game and not only because of the violence because it’s boring.) but this question applies to society in general.

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I think it’s ridiculous that it’s ok for kids to play a game where you jack cars and kill people, yet throw in a cheesy sex scene and suddenly it becomes taboo. Another great example of our societies strange acceptance of violence is the game manhunt, that is a game that without a doubt should’ve recieved the AO rating, but because it didn’t have any nipples or sexuality it recieved only an M rating. It’s bizarre, we’re ok with playing the part (and some of us letting our kids.) of a killer, gangster, etc, but you make the main character into person persuing sex (which there is such a game coming out, for the PC and it will be AO) and suddenly it’s “bad” can’t let the youngin’s near that subject matter.

I think that we need a clear redirection in the thinking of games as differing from other media types. If Grand Theft Auto was a movie it’s doubtful the same parents that let their 12 - 13 year olds play it, would let them watch it on the big screen. The best way to start is to have the ratings use the same letters from the movie ratings. Manhunt would’ve easily been an NC-17 movie. Grand Theft Auto in it’s released form would’ve been R if not NC-17.

interactive violence is far more dangerous than passive violence (watching it.)