How am I connected to everything?

I am life. Okay, I dont get what that means but anyway, what does it mean that I am life and I am connected to all things on this earth? I dont understand? Does anyone?

Try disconnecting yourself from the things on this earth and see how ‘life’ or ‘I’ you are after a while.
Isolation is death.

Thinking “I am life” really doesn’t mean anything to me. What the interconnection is about is cause-and-effect. Would you be ALIVE if your ancestors hadn’t lived? Or if there weren’t people who produce, harvest and sell the food you eat? If you got sick, would you be able to stay alive if there weren’t doctors? Would you be able to pay the doctor without a place that employs you and pays you for your work? Every single thing you do or have or see right now is the result of events that came before and produced it. “Life” is simply a continuing chain of causal events. You can think of it like throwing a stone into a pool, how that rock going in creates the ripples outward. Theoretically, this rippling outward is infinite, each creating other ripples, and so on. If you view the concept broadly enough, all life is connected in that sense.

You’re connected with everything through causation. Whether you beleive that is another story.

There’s a difference between connection and influence.

For example, there could be something that does not influence you, but you could still have it dimensionally grafted to your core.

Humans disbelieve and are blind to all non-intrusive dimensional substance.

Check out:

He writes a lot about your question.

Also many CD’s and tapes at your library that discuss it.

If everything is energy… and you are energy…

the rest is self explanatory.

Well seeing as we are all just stardust, it makes sense to me

the question was rhetorical and you know it. you were just angling for some discussion on detrminism, causal reality, conclusivism.

You understand and know it.

The reality of ones existence is in relationship. If there is no sense/object contact, no sensation, then there is no “I am”.

You’re alive but not life. And er, you’re not connected to anything. You could say you’re connected to alot of things but not in a ball and chain kind of way.

Kowtaaia has got the right idea.

Think about what makes you you. It sure isn’t your body, that has changed dramatically with time! Likewise, your thoughts have developed and changed as you’ve aged. So there is no continuity of the self through time from an individual perspective. However, if the self is taken as a relational construct, there starts to be something that could be dubbed “enduring”. So, that begs the question of, “relationship to what?” . . . and that all depends on how deep you want to go with it. Clearly it starts out with your relationship to you mother, with whom there was initially no distinction between identities in the “participation mystique”. This branches out to soon include the father as a close second, a male extension of the self. From there we get siblings, cousins, friends, teachers, co-workers and so on. From there, the self expands to include one’s locality, one’s nation, one’s planet and so on. The relationships also need not be human, after all, we are dependent upon our food and, quite often, our food is dependent upon us in the modern world. So, again, we share that tie which binds us together.

The self is just a series of ever-expanding concentric circles with a small hollow point at the center.

Not to step into cogito ergo sum but we’re not concretely connected to anything after we’ve cut our umbilical cord. Again, we could say abstractly that we are but not really.


In a proper understanding of things the concrete/abstract distinction is illusory.

Ice, I think the best explanation you could get for this would be to watch the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” if you haven’t already.

It’s a great movie, and although I’m skeptical of some of its claims, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

In the movie, it explains that the only truth that science has uncovered definitively is that at the most basic level, we’re all one. Well what does that mean?

It means that you and I are made up of cells. Those cells are made up of molecules, and those molecules are made up of atoms. While it was once though that those atoms were the smallest bits of matter, like small hard spheres that make up everything, it turns out they aren’t. The electrons in the field around the nucleus of an atom pops in and out of existence, and even the nucleus itself pops in and out of existence. So what really does it mean to exist, when at the most fundamental level, things are popping in and out of existence?

Most of the universe is empty space, so the barrier that exists between you and the outside world is somewhat of an illusion. There is no “out there, out there,” as they say in the movie.

It was once asked on these forums, is the universe outside of your body bigger, or inside? This is a trick question really, because on a quantum level, there really is no shell separating your insides and outsides. It is all one. Make sense?

I thouht that was an excellent film - even if as a narrative endeavor it pretty much sucked. I was really impressed by that big blonde lady. What she said about God and judgement was awesome.

The Insultingly Bad Movie Physics Page

Dude, it’s a movie making an innocent effort to formulate quantumphysics in human terms - after 60 years of shrouding it in fruitless mathematical enterprises.

The funny thing is, I agree with everything the review of the movie says, and I stick with my opinion.

No, I don’t think the Indians were unable to see ships.

No, I don’t think the water experiment is scientifically feasible.

No, I don’t think that somebody could walk on water if they believed it enough.

No, I don’t think the experiment where people meditated and prayed could have lowered the violence rate in Washington D.C.

I’ve read the skeptic reviews, and I can’t help but pity the dumb skeptic bastards who fail to see any of the excellent points made in the movie because they’re too busy ripping apart the mysticism. Oh well, their loss.