How are you?


how’s everyone going? I am too busy with saving money and university studies that I have no time left for ILP. What is the latest controversy? (the latest word game)? hehe

to the new members, have fun rambling…

I will not talk to you until you remove that torture device from your avatar.

I’m fine thanks for asking :smiley:

Hey PoR… Good to hear you’re doing well. :smiley:
Well where do we start?.. I think we’ve found the meaning to life (it wasn’t 42)… god does exist… satan doesn’t (Dr Satand seems to have taken that badly and disappeared)… Kant was right… the site was about to close then we found out it was an April fools joke… Future Man gave up pot and apparently left the building (we haven’t seen him for a little while… Underground Man has posted but is very quite… Detrop fell in love… then out… then in… and then got banned… But, Lord Be Praised! he has risen again and returned as Epoche…(and much more)


how did de’trop get banned? hum… he has risen. seee you athiests, Jesus is right, resurrection is possible.

p.s I’ve decided to join the Australian Labour Party.

PoW… I don’t really want to say too much without my attorney present suffice to say it “seems” detrop posted his girlfriend-to-be’s personal email in the thread then had second thoughts and deleted it. Ben was not happy and banned him. Go to: … c&start=25 and start reading from “THE EDIT BUTTON IS NOT FOR DELETING ENTIRE POSTS….”

my arch nemesis, we meet again…



the artist Monooq

you are going down, for the second time.

The Labour party? oh no…

From the quality of your posts you will be a Labour front bencher in no time, heh heh heh :evilfun:

hello he who i know not.

I’d say i’m doing allright. only I’m wearing pants right now. and i don’t trust pants.