How BEER saved the world

Why was I never taught this before?


Wow. That was a surprising bit of history.

I was ready to pooh pooh the idea that beer was at the centre of civilisation but it seemed to fit with the artefacts from ancient Egypt right up to the beginning of the modern production line.

I’m somewhat drunk atm so that makes it all the more pleasing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I do not even drink beer (I’m more partial to Mudslides)… however I found this to be an incredibly interesting part of history which has been censored from the history books. (I thought the same thing about The Surprising History of Love and Sex - thought it’s possible those pages were not censored in the history books, just stuck together…)

If you liked this, I would recommend you check out the series I also posted… “How TV Ruined your life”. Its def. a documentary, but done with a serious amount of tongue in cheek humor.

The Doorman