How can a santanist belive in the devil but no god

Satanist believe that there is a devil but say there is no god but supposedly god sent the angel to hell to have or create the devil so how can satanist not believe the existence of god?

how can you believe in God but no flying spaghetti monster?

maybe they say the devil destroyed god, or maybe they say that the devil is like God 2.0, and uncontrollable race, sort of like the Cylons from Battle Star Galactica.

If somebody says god created the devil and then that same person says God does not exist, they are on drugs and you should just leave…

Not all satanists believe in Satan.
Satanism is mostly about the self nowdays and not allot about Satan directly, so it’s easy for someone to be a Satanist by choice of life and not exactly believe in an entity named Satan.

It seems to me a Satanist would be anyone who insists upon personal gain in all their interactions, perhaps little different from the modern-day capitalist!

It would be, for example, someone like Adam who succombs to his desire and eats the forbidden fruit. Adam was the first Satanist and through his action we see the Satanist at work…

according to the story- eve was the one who tempted adam- was she a satanist too? just kidding :slight_smile:

For sure she was a Satanist. I correct my statement: Adam was the first MALE Satanist. (Or perhaps I simply assumed that women don’t count!)

Do you think it’s possible for a believer to believe in God but not in the Devil? If so, can such a believer not believe that God is evil instead of good? And if he does, doesn’t that mean that believer believes in a Devil rather than in a God?

No one is required to believe in God other than through faith and anything, therefore can be a god. Let me explain. God is traditionaly defined as the creator of all things, the Uncaused Cause, the Prime Mover etc. But how do you know what this is? Suppose you are Satan and one morning you come into existence. If another comes by and says:“I created you, therefore do as I say.” How can you know whether this is true or not? You were not there at the time of your own creation, obviously, so you have to trust what this person say as true- a leap of faith.

Now there are different types of satanism;
1- Theistic Satanism, which takes Satan as an actual deity. Why satan and not God? Christianity has told western societies about a conflict raging in the cosmos between good and evil. Satanists retain this idea and simply change the hero; they inverse the values that previously existed. God becomes the master slaver and Satan a new Prometheus, out to free us, to liberate us from this tyrant. Is it then that difficult to root for the under-dog? Not at all. Read Milton’s Paradise Lost. For all the morality he threw into that work, passages still stand today that make Satan a heroic figure.
2- Then there is Atheistic Satanism, which is a form of Realistic and individualistic philosophy which feels itself molded after the symbolic figure of Satan.

How then does God fit into all of this? God is not a necessary condition. The conflict itself challenges the classical idea of monotheism, reducing god (lower case) to a combatant, and therefore less than God. Yahweh, or “Jehova”, is not necessarly the God, as Gnostic believed that He was but another creation. So Jehova and Satan stand as combatants…is this so different from polytheism? And didn’t people offer prayers and sacrifice to more than one God?
But Satanism cannot escape the inconsistencies of it’s theology and so it is a minority.

In Christian mythology, Satan tried to overthrow God and dispose of him.

Satanists simply believe that he was successful.