How can one be happy while being tortured?

I have spent the past couple of years collecting and devising ways to maintain peace of mind under adversity. According to several ancient Greek and Eastern philosophical traditions, the sage is able to maintain peace of mind while being physically tortured. However, I am unaware of any specific methods by which this can be accomplished. Are any of you aware of any such methods? Thank you for your time.

I’m not sure that “peace of mind” should be conflated with “happiness” here. I do believe that there are some more advanced spiritual souls who have control of their bodies to the point of being able to dismiss pain. There are those who can walk barefoot in subfreezing weather, and those who can walk on embers and nails, for example. Some can even take on illnesses for others, such as that guru who took on another’s cancer and could make it appear and disappear at will. Mind over matter is an amazing phenom, dumfalling really.

Let us generalize what is being said here, just to see if it makes the least bit of sense.

Let us use this definition of environmental acquisition system of a living organism.

An environmental acquisition system of a living organism is that system of an organism which must acquire something from the environment, process that which it has acquired, for a product that maintains and promotes the life of the body.

Now, we take any one of the so called sacred seven and plug it into this definition, for example, let us take the human mind.

That environmental acquisition system which must acquire experience from the environment and with those expriences produce human will that maintains and promotes the life of the body.

Now, I have to ask you, since every environmental acquisition system of a living organism is concerned with the life of the body, even the human mind, how is it you think you can make the false distinction in your question as if the mind should have no concern for doing its job?

There is a very old fact about A = A, often expressed in words as “Relation to self is altogether inadmissible.”

When one is calm in the face of adversity, it is not for the purpose of ignoring the job of the mind, but for doing it, as both pain and pleasure can distract the mind from solving problems.

As for specific methods of learning how to do this, I suggest lucid dreaming. It is a learning environment suited for the modification of human behavior. It is not a free for all fantasy state.

This is a result of consciousness. Consciousness is the value which has been neglected. Within quantum mechanics there is an inherent issue within the definition of quantum measurement. The problem comes when we cannot pin down certain variables. These variables determine the decisions which quantum particles make, decisions that determine what comprises everything. The missing variables lie within the realm of our consciousness. Consciousness is an incredibly powerful tool which we could potentially master to the point where we can in fact alter our physical reality to our will.