How can we detect what happened before the Big Bang?

Big bang theories are like shit out my ass, everyone can generate some.

so why expansion and background radiation then?

Unavoidable Harmonic Resonance.

Ignore this: But, just because there was no BB, because there was no time before it, there may have been time before time, as well as time after time.

James S Saint

Its hard enough to debate these things with existing info, let alone with something which contradicts it.


No BB and there simply is no time ~ of the universe duration. So there would have to be infinite time, or otherwise we end up with the same first cause cunundrum.

Secondly, if no BB then knowing this universe would be knowing the universe, without exception.

Bottom line, time is a function of consciousness, without consciousness there is no time. When consciousness grows, the amount of existents grows, and time slows.

When time goes infinitely fast division by zero errors occur, and thus it is said that neither time nor consciousness exists during this phase.

Amorphos, -Always that sneaky “if” , back to the future or/either?

What if, either and or, ? depending. (Relating to …your …if no BB phrase, up above.)

Once they go beyond the absolute measure of the velocity of light, then we’ll be seeing things differently. Until then, my guess is…

But do we have time, to get there. (Tachyons do travel faster, but we can not yet reach anywhere near even over the velocity of light)

i presented somewhat absolute truths, it doesnt matter if the light barrier is broken. These truths pertain to all worlds with consciousness in the way we understand it. Only reason it would change is if the light barrier created A World Which Is Not A World or a similar realm where absolute truths dont apply.

So, if, then, consciousness can brake that barrier, or maybe light can brake the barrier of consciousness ?

But I have to be careful here, talking about maybe 1 million AD.

I am not saying that it isn’t happening now, but verification is a sticker.

Tachyons are a myth, much like the Higgs boson.

Supposing ‘consciousness’ is energy, and it too, travels. This may account for some of the ideas that Jung talked about in a volume entitled , ‘synchronicity’. Again an idea, perhaps years away from verification and acceptance. And perhaps the velocity of brain waves exceeds that of the speed of light? Why not? An idea has to be proven wrong, before it can be totally ruled out. If one is to talk about ‘consciousness’ then it would be implausible to dismiss any property assigned to it that does not share similarly, those properties with light.

Consciousness and light have a symbiotic relationship, but that does not disqualify them from being both, forms of energy.

The retina is basically converter, it produces the images, which later turn into ideas, which effect people and things. Is this not the energy that imputes that man in the machine we call consciousness?

I prefer to stick a little closer to the rational. :sunglasses:

Doesnt seem like consciousness, in terms of xyz movement speed, exceeds the light speed, as the average reaction time is a slow 200 ms.

However, consciousness, in the sense of time movement speed, seems to travel infinitely, in the event of a coma.

When the next revolution rocks physics,
chances are it will be about nothing—the vacuum, that endless infinite void. … everything


The absolute truth is that we know nothing. We swim in a vast enormous ocean of infinite possibilities and what could be or what is… We’re a small dot, of which we have not even finished learning about and of our said dot. So to think we know something of the infinite or “other worlds” is laughable. It’s stimulating to wonder ‘what if’ though.

Socrates has said it already, that we know nothing and recognising this is what makes us wise. We like to think we have come a long way since his time though… But realistically we really haven’t come that far in terms of what we can do and where we can go.

Dark energy may be vacuum … 011607.php

A black hole has a temperature within a few
millionths of a degree above absolute zero.
/ Oxford. Dictionary./

A “black hole” has a temperature of only one ten-millionth of
a degree above absolute zero. Book: "The theory of everything”
by Stephen Hawking.The difference is so slight that I can say
“black hole” and “vacuum” have the same equal temperature: T=0K.

Astronomers have found an enormous hole in the Universe,
nearly a billion light-years across, empty of both normal matter
such as stars, galaxies, and gas, and the mysterious, unseen “dark matter.”

Scientists searching for an explanation for an unusually cool area
of sky instead discovered a super void: an empty spherical
blob 1.8 billion light years across . . . … a-big-hole
In my opinion this “astronomical hole” is Zero Vacuum.

“For though all creatures under heaven are the products of Being,
Being itself is the product of Not-Being. "
/ chapter. 40, Tao Te Ching /
In my opinion the Lao Tzu “Not-Being" is zero vacuum: T=0K.
H.G. Wells.jpg

Creatures are not the products of being, being is the product of creatures.

Could be that the big hole is the yang of the yin [or vice-versa] in some cosmic balance, if space is the yin, possibly gravity too. Dark energy/matter [probably isnt matter anymore than gravity] could also be seen as yin, where energy constructs [atoms] and light/em are yang. A frequency is a bit like a snake moving in cartoon fashion through the yin/void/space.
Consider that all particles have polarity also yin/yang. Though sexuality i think is purely macroscopic and has both the serpent [yin] and the dragon [yang] composing it.

There is a good book on this called the Tao of physics by Fritjof Capra, ~ you have probably already read it?..

  • Being is and remains empty. music is empty and yet fills a space, where music is something that can be manifest without having its own frequency [like light][there is no sound em] then converted into a wavelength and back again [speakers]. light can have a hue only visible to the observer and from that perspective [rainbows].

perhaps ‘being’, whatever it is, is akin to music and hues. although having said that, it is also something else [an observer/perceiver/device] which can experience or observe those things.

2.73666384 K = (Precise) Value Of ‘Cosmic Background Radiation’.

273 x 666 = 181818

273 x 666 x 384 = 69818112 (818181; 69 + 12 = 81)

The “384” at the end is the Color Blue in terms of frequency (384Hz), hence why Space behaves like an ocean.

The “666” in the center is the the number of our earth’s orbital velocity, the number of the carbon atom inside every design, and the number of the “mark”.

The “273” in the beginning is the 2.73 ratio of universal design.

At the bottom left corner of this picture by Joe Dubs, you will see that Cosmic Background Radiation is of course related.

Now, the “384” I have at the end of the trinity + trinity axis (3 x 3 Grid), is also One Circle (360°) + One Cone (24°).

From a 360° circle a singular point stretched out into a cone which created the toroidal oriented Universe we see today.

For more information on my immortal movement to prove once and for all that we are not alone and I am in touch with a higher power:

The theory of the Big Bank is true, but the theory of the Big Bang is probably not true. :wink: