How can you know I'm not a time traveler from the future?

How can you know for sure I’m not a time traveler from the future?

Let’s say at some point in the future, time travel becomes possible. People from the future are sent back. But perhaps the laws of time travel are such that if a time traveler were to provide proof that he/she were a time traveler or manipulate events, then he/she would cease to exist. It would follow that if one were a time traveler from the future, we wouldn’t have a way of knowing for sure that such a person wasn’t a time traveler from the future.

How can you know X, given the stipulation that it’s impossible to know X?

Well, you can’t.

How can you know that genders exist.
Curious? Experimental? Try some random person on the street and see if you like it.
How can you know that humans actually exist, maybe they are all cows.


Then you could “predict” the future, some average intelligent people would get suspiciously many patents on super genius inventions, beyond their abilities. Some would win billion dollar bets all the time.

The history would rewritten and people in the past would gain high technology millennial before they would logically develop other things.

If one were a time traveler from the future and weren’t making predictions about the future, how could you know he wasn’t a time traveler from the future?

Rectum spelled backwards eh?

The way people are trying to work with this idea is that it splits parallel realities… obviously anyone traveling back would effect change, so they would cease to exist. But if someone could travel back, it would be a parallel reality, perhaps where the rest of the reality is simulated. If it’s possible to change the past and have it be real, where you wouldn’t have been born in the future, it NEEDS to be a parallel reality. If you were still born but the future changed, it would probably hurt your brain a lot as it was getting re-wired, because you’d still be in the future as well. Look at it this way, you were born in the future, but travelled to the past, so everything you do in the past effects you from the future which are holding the same space-time. That’s why we say if your parents never conceived you you’d never be born, unless it was a parallel universe. So basically, everything you do will effect you from the future simultaneously, and my guess is that it would always make your brain hurt like hell.

Forget time travel - what about the many gaps in our consciousness? We all spend hours every day unconscious, and we actually remember only a small fraction of the day-to-day experiences of our lives. Try sitting down and write down what you did each day from the time you were born and see how little you actually know!

How do we know that the person who went to sleep and the person who woke up are the same person? :slight_smile:

You’ll find your answers in the movie, Frequency. lol That was a great movie.

Mutcer, if you were really a time traveler from the future, I don’t think that you would be in this forum. You would have a far greater purpose and mission to tend to.

IOW can we rule out something that is presented to us as including phenomena/technology beyond our ken? Well, no.

The practical issue, however, is what benefit/sense of understanding we get from considering the hypothesis. Since the claim is not even being made, I can’t think of one.

If you seemed to have insights that fit somehow with knowledge that people in the future might have, and you were making the claim that you were - note, neither of these is providing proof - then perhaps the hypothesis might be interesting for my stuck in the past mind

but so far…