How did they accomplish the rarest of military feats?

How did they accomplish the rarest of military feats?

The people, who made up Israel and considered for centuries to be non fighters, were surrounded on three sides and facing a far superior enemy “accomplished the rarest of military feats”, they shattered the enemy forces “within a given time and with an absence of blunder”.

Fighting that began in May of 1948 ended in January 1949 when an armistice was signed. The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) realized that they had “won a state but not the peace”.

The major surprise was the performance of the “espresso” generation; given this name because they were considered to have discarded the traditional Jewish ideals while lazing about drinking espresso in the local cafes. It was this generation that, when challenged and well led, performed this “rarest of military feats”.

From what I have read there is a small (35%) absolute difference in the intellectual potential between extremes in normal humans. When we examine specific individuals we can detect a gigantic difference (1000%?) in accomplishment. When we compare Winston Churchill with the others we see this difference and when we compare the Israeli nation in this situation with other nations we see this difference.

The difference is illuminated not only when comparing one person with another or one nation with another but it is startling in the difference in accomplishment of humans in matters of technology versus matters of ‘reasoning together’.

We live in two very different worlds; a world of technical and technological order and clarity, and a world of personal and social disorder and confusion. We are increasingly able to solve problems in one domain and increasingly endangered by our inability to solve problems in the other.

Science solves puzzles. The logic of the paradigm insulates the professional group from problems that are unsolvable by that paradigm. One reason that science progresses so rapidly and with such assurance is because the logic of that paradigm allows the practitioners to work on problems that only their lack of ingenuity will keep them from solving.

Science uses instrumental rationality to solve puzzles. Instrumental rationality is a systematic process for reflecting upon the best action to take to reach an established end. The obvious question becomes ‘what mode of rationality is available for determining ends?’ Instrumental rationality appears to be of little use in determining such matters as “good” and “right”.

There is a striking difference between the logic of technical problems and that of dialectical problems. The principles, methods and standards for dealing with technical problems and problems of “real life” are as different as night and day. Real life problems cannot be solved using deductive and inductive reasoning.

In summary:

[b]Humans differ greatly in achievement even though potential as measured by intellectual capacity is small.

Humans perform grandly in matters of technology but are wimps in performance in matters communication and reasoning together.[/b]

I find this to be a puzzlement? Do you have any answers?

Quotes from Practicing History by Barbara Tuchman

How did they accomplish the rarest of military feats!

Israel’s military is from direct US support -
financial and military donations, weapons
deliveries systems and especialy technological support(ie satellite recognizance).

Have you never watched Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark…?

Those sly sons of shylock obviously boosted it from storage soon after that documentary was completed.

Coberst, the Israel people have never been considered non fighters in fact they have always been considered brilliant tacticians and meticulous in their manuevers. They are also not given to forgiving. They have had some of the best educated military leaders. Couple that with an army that has God behind them they become pretty darn formidible.
If any military could pull off what they did it would have been them. Most armies are not so cooperative in battles , leaders tend to do their own thing. Not so with that military, they cooperate. Politics and ego plays a big part in most military defeats. Those that lose, lost due to that more so than lacking arms and soldiers

It is not how technical one becomes that will solve humanities woes. The problem is believing a god grants one permission to take.

How does it feel to see a civilian wear a military uniform? Do you think its disrespectful to wear a military uniform just for fun if your not in the armed services. Is it offensive when people dress up as military for halloween or what about “naughty,” military uniforms? Do you find it offensive?

Why is it sacred?