How do we judge morons? How do we judge anyone?

It has to be done, mankind will not progress unless he is made to suffer double for his “sins” which I do not doubt. Perhaps by an asshole who is half his age or twice his age or Jesus? and does not get that he cannot judge, It is logical, trust me. He or she or them: must be judged by idiots, if it were not the case how would we learn to judge who is not one? how to judge morons…? Please post on, on how we do so?

I am super cereal! How do we spot the morons from the others? I know this seems like a pointless question, but I think it drives to the very heart of society, and ethics. So indulge me. :slight_smile:

And no I am not having a go at anyone, it is just an interesting train of thought.

Interesting clearly no one knows how to judge morons?

“Beware the leader of their warriors he wears the horns of power”

Some guy.

Most humans are hopelessly ill. Health itself is a paradox. Being stupid is only one of many vices which plague the free-birth democratic nations.

I would like to know what you mean by judging.

I don’t think it’s hard to judge morons. I see them all over, they seem easily for me to tell that they are stupid. Look, if I’m out in public and someone says something like, shit, then they must be a dufus, if they can’t say what they want with real words, then they aren’t smart, there dumb. People cuss, that’s dumb, people buy things they shouldn’t be buying. I see people buying things like brococly, don’t they no there eating a weed? Or they eat carrots, dumb! That’s a root! And then they tell us to only eat healthy food, dimwits! Food can’t be healthy, food is for eating. Or don’t eat sugar, but nothings wrong with drinking sugar, they don’t understand that soda has sugar. But, sugars ok, sugar is for energy, being smart I can tell you that you need energy to move. Think of a battery, were batterys when we eat sugar. I’m not saying different things than you thought I would say, I’m just showing other morons, the morons you see outside. I no that you meen forum morons. Some write too many words, some people I’ve none, have never used breaks between blocks of words, Some philosophize wrong. I mean my philosophy is very good, I’ll tell you some of it, but not all, you can look other places for more of that! My philosophy on sleep is 12 hours every night. Everyone says 8, I say 12. I can right my proofs, sleep makes you not tired, more sleep makes you less tired. And my philosophizing enter relates. More sugar means less tiredness, less is good to not be tired, but its better to be less tired.

Most morons are just people out of their element. You meet somebody who doesn’t think about politics as much as you, or about health as much as you, or about Sports Team as much as you, or about philosophy as much as you, or about Product Brand as much as you, and that person is a moron. Naturally enough, there’s some other context in which they’d be thinking the same about you.
Not saying everybody is equal and shit, good Lord, no. I’m just saying that even a pretty dull-witted person can make me seem stupid when it comes to auto repair or animal husbandry or operating a sailboat, if that’s their ‘thing’. If you think the world is plagued with morons, chances are you’re spending a little too much time wrapped up in your own little realm of expertise.

that would be fine if some people weren’t just ignorant about everything.

You mean actual retarded people who need nurses and stuff to take care of them?  Or do you just mean people you're mad at because they voted differently than you or something? I'm still trying to get a handle on if you're actually talking about something or not.

Morons aren’t worthy of judgment. What’s the point?

If idiots are judging you, it’s because you’re trying too hard. Burden of proof is on the affirmative. Just because they say so doesn’t make it true.

Sometimes, the real moron/idiot is the person who takes things too seriously, but this isn’t always fair. Sometimes, people take things seriously because they’re born social outcasts, so they don’t have anything better to say.

True, people dying from all diseases; cancer, diabetes, social isolation, malnurishment and so on tend to take thing real seriously. But, in all somberness, I appreciate that you understand that and mention it, I’ve been saying that for months, with little responce.

Idiot, moron, imbecile, cretin–these are all terms used to define levels of intelligence based on a standardized intelligence test. They’re now used generally to define someone of lesser intelligence than a single individual–in this case, you. No matter what, they are derogatory terms which already imply judgement.

Who are you to ‘judge’ anyone’s real intelligence? All anyone can do is react and respond.

It’s deeper than that. Geography, social networks, and abnormal emotions can outcast people as well by literally being distant from information flows. Calling distant outcasts idiots isn’t fair because it judges them according to external circumstances beyond their control.

There are many intelligent people out there who just aren’t knowledgeable. Those born among knowledge basically have cheat sheets to life, and they abuse those cheat sheets by judging intelligent unknowledgeable people as idiots.

You can usually take them with a hint of sarcasm because they never prove their beliefs, but intelligent people don’t understand this, and it’s rare that it’s explained to them. Even their own parents often make fun of them for it.

By FIRST refusing to look at ourselves fully in the mirrors to see what is there - if we did, chances are, we would see the No. 1 moron - our self! :evilfun:

… and would it end there? Well, that would depend on how truly moronic, on a scale of 1 to 10 - we were.

And yes, I am also speaking for myself. :laughing:

No I mean you. Do you ever get tired of making straw men?

idiots are judging everyone, for example creationists have a lobby group that can and does sway people. They’re still idiots but more powerful idiots. I don’t say anyone is an idiot lightly, but those who refuse to learn about a subject because it is wrong by there own singular definitions, are idiots. Those who are just dumb, well they can’t help that, those people are fine by me. :slight_smile:

Ok I am a moron, we’re all moron’s have you looked outside recently? On a scale of one to ten, the geniuses amongst us scoring ten, and the people barely able to survive day to day without someone telling them what to do, on that scale it does not really matter, we are a barely evolved ape with a half assed egotistical opinion of the world.

isn’t that the point of the thread? I hate to be specific but the title is: How do we judge morons? How do we judge anyone?

If that’s the point of the thread, it certainly hasn’t stuck to the point. The responders are using the words as derogatory labels. I answered your questions with my above response. But the other responders seem to be having fun calling people idiots, morons, and imbeciles for whatever reason–and it’s not my place to do anything about it, is it? :slight_smile:

 How about dostoevsky's "idiot"? Is this a useless type of man?

No, Myshkin is a naive idealist–a man who sees good in everyone and tries to help other people see good in themselves. It’s been a long time since I read the novel, but that’s the impression I have of it.