How do you attack something that doesn't exist?

Let’s say there was this sadistic person who targeted you, your family, or your loved ones. And this person intends to do harm to them. Maybe it’s theft, rape, or murder, it doesn’t matter. But then these evil things start happening, and it is directed against you. Slowly, over time, you realize that somebody is working against you.

But how do you attack something, or defend yourself, from something that doesn’t exist?

Some people doubt this man’s existence. You’ve heard his name. But there’s no “proof” of him. And this man is malicious, cruel, and evil. He harms people, both intentionally and unintentionally.

How can you begin to defend yourself against someone, who you already convinced yourself, doesn’t exist?

He doesn’t exist. He’s just a figment of your imagination. Yet, you keep getting specifically targeted and hurt, all the same.

If you don’t defend yourself, this man may kill you eventually. So your ignorance of his existence can potentially cost you your life.

Isn’t it time to begin believing in his existence?

Or do you remain convinced that he doesn’t exist?


???.??? If it can attack it exists

Voodoo, witchcraft, religion, all sounding familiar?
Better get yourself an imaginary weapon or army or guardian angel. O:)

Assume that you are an atheist, and absolutely refuse the existence of this man.

It’s impossible that he exists. You cannot believe in him, no matter how obvious his existence is. He can walk right up to you, and you both look each other in the face, but you still do not “see him”. It’s like a mental block. You block his existence out completely.

Imagine that you can’t form a memory about this man. You meet him, but 10 minutes after he leaves, you completely forget his face. You can’t recognize or identify him. He told you his name, but you forgot.

If you are aware of this man’s existence, then it is only brief recollections of what you presume are fantasies or dreams, or nightmares.

Maybe this man is completely a figment of your imagination. You cannot tell.

A large majority of the world believes in his existence, has faith he exists, but have no proof of him. They’re not allowed to depict his face. They’re not allowed to speak his name. So it makes sense that other people don’t believe in him.

Belief and recognition are inferentially connected. Belief can come about without it.

Given what you say here and then in the other posts, it seems like you are trying to convince us on the one hand that we cannot Believe he exists and then also that we must. YOu are setting the conditions of the thought experiment, so I am not sure how we can give an answer.

I would just shine it on. Shit happens if your family has problems , you just trudge on with a smile and realize it will get better. Screw the man.

Why do you need to defend yourself against something that can only be purposefully applied? Evil for instance is an obvious statement, because anyone who is involved with evil knows that it has to be applied by method. Does it imply that the method is incorrect…yes, because evil is not in creation…because creation came from light.

Evil is what is caste out of the creation, for the purpose of allowing for evolution.

Therefore if you believe in evil, it will destroy you only because if you believe in it, you must be applying it…who would do such a thing…only SCIENTISTS.

What is evil, but the attack itself…does creation normally attack us…no it nurtures us. Therefore should anyone be applying that they have to attack something which cannot be attacked otherwise you are simply applying a condition for total self destruction?

We know we exist because we are created, and this provides the evidence that we were created from and by a reason.

We continue to exist only because the reason allows us. If you alter natural evolution (which SCIENTISTS have) because they altered the natural act that caused Planet Earth to be stone (RADIATION), then obviously Science is the only reason for attack to occur…ill health, spiritual/alien attacks.