How do you do the IPOD thing?

ok so like i get the ipod and then i do what ? like how do i get songs into the ipod? i dont get it?

You download itunes onto your computer, import whatever songs you want into the itunes library(songs already downloaded on your hardrive or cd’s;), then you plug in your IPOD, Itunes will recognize it…Then go to your music library in Itunes, highlight whatever songs youwant to add with “shift and click”, and then drag them over to your IPOD. Repeat to your satisifaction.

Also, do not unplug your IPOD from you computer(attached with USB cable) untill you have ejected it from Itunes.

If this is unclear there is a help function in Itunes that will give you a step by step with pictures.

you can also go into the itunes settings and just tell it to sync the entire library into the ipod. Tell us if you’re still confused.

you must have gotten a defective ipod… does your ipod have ears?


havent gotten on eyet but fear i couldnt work it, so ive been buying CDs but that seems a waste, but i guess i could maybe figure it out

CDs suck.

If you have a great anti virus system on your computer, go ahead and download Limewire on your computer so you can get songs for free, but if you feel it’s wrong itunes should pop up as soon as you plug it in to you computer. Go to itunes, buy songs, click sync or autofill and it should all transfer. With limwire you have to drag the songs and drop it in itunes, it’s not too hard. I think there is a customer service place you can click and ask questions if none of this helps. Actually the best way to learn is just tinker with it, thats what I did.

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Install the software.
Plug in usb from a to pc
If you have a prob, go to apple - then itunes - download software for your specific ipod

When itunes comes up your ipod will be shown on left hand side of your screen

You will be tempted to download music from Limewire etc but don’t do it unless you know what you are doing… everyone does it but you better know how to do it wiyhout harming your pc…

Any questions… just ask here.

ok, so I got into this Ipod thing too.

i managed to download mp3 onto the Ipod, but now I have two problems.

*I cant seem to download new mp3s, even though they appear on the Ipod list list in Itunes (but then I cant find them on the Ipod).

*I cant unplug the computer cable from the Ipod

Any help would be much appreciated

Problems solved.
To synch (right click on Ipod username)