How do you stay in love?

How is it when a person easily falls in love with a person or knowledge?

If you are in a classroom, there is always one the prettiest, you win her heart. Then when you get out of class, you see all these pretty women, how do you decipher which is the prettiest? Is there one definition how we define love or infinite, because people has their own definition what is qualified to be loved?

What is the difference between the qualification of a woman, versus of that of man?

I have read Barktley, the feminist, women are attracted with man with respect, power, and money. While, I believe this is true, because I felt this is my goal.

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Definitely not unconditional love, thus it will make you feel more in need then it will make you feel satisfied.

I do not believe in many things…

The question of the hour isn’t how to fall in love, but how to stay in love.


that is a question that regards to the matter of this forum. How do you stay in love in this board?

Once our questions have been answered we know the answers are given are not true and even it is true one will still not believe nor act upon it.

How to stay in love with your relationship? Must it be conscious of having a duty first? I should not divorce my wife/ husband for the sake of absence of the original emotional state before signing the marriage contract, but I should remain faithful to him because of my children.

While, those who are not married, how do you stayed in love with them, is a question of intention from the man and woman. If both intention was to be serious the relationship will be serious, while if one acts upon intentional unserious, you are being played by the others mere interest.

While the question comes how does it when both party falls in love unintentionally?

I’ll give you my four pronged answer: Trust – you have to be able to trust the other person, Respect-- you have to be able to treat one another in a civil way–A feeling that you are better with the person than without–self explanatory–and D. Communication that embodies these other principles.

Essentially, it’s a delicate equation of defining your own needs while balancing the needs of the other party such that you both end up BETTER OFF than you would alone combined with the other aforementioned factors.

That’s my totally non-authoritive answer on the subject.

[size=134]I want to stay together, but I don’t want to stay in love.
I don’t want to feel, I want to have.
I don’t want to see, I want to fully know.

When the emotional storms settle, and when all things have been altered, I will still have my reasons, and I will never let my reasons die. They may change, but never may they die.

I do not consider it a new thing, to be picked up, held close, taken away, mused and then cast off like refuse. Nay, grant me a human spirit and I shall never hurt it. Givith to me what I can never harm. Something close enough to heal and live in harmony with.

Take away my curses. It is enough. And if they remain, their pain is only mine.[/size]

Here’s the deal:

All relationships hit what I will call a flatline. No one stands up and gets married if they haven’t “fallen in love.” There is a natural ebb and flow. Remember that the flatline is a part of it and know that you will have to work through it. After you are together for a million years, you are not the same person and neither are they. You either sink or swim. Many sink because they see the lovey thing with an outsider thinking that (no) the next time they won’t hit the flatline, but they usually do. It isn’t a bad thing, it just is. Having to work on relationships is an understatement.

I still don’t believe in cheating tho’
and in my experience listening to friends… doing it is more trouble than it’s worth! I’ve been tempted and fallen off a few cliffs, but so far kept my pants on. Bessy is my alter-ego wild woman, but Sara is in control most of the time.

But there are those days.8-[

Your edited title makes me look like an idiot. Nothing new there.

the truth is, you can’t stay in love. good things do not last forever because we would lose perspective on it… the reason they’re so precious and so valuable is because they’re so rare.

love lasts forever but “in love” does not. that period of time in which your loved one is the most beautiful, the funniest, or the most intelligent, the sexiest, the most artistic, whatever. eventually you will realize it’s not true and while you do love the things they create they are not the best and you’re comfortable with that. the reason many people who love each other don’t look at other women or men isn’t because they find that person to be simply prettier than the others… it’s because they don’t want to. they’re satisfied.

find something you truly admire about this person and that will help attract you to them. but in fact, if you don’t love them, the space between you will fill up with other things and grow to accomodate those things. it’s a warning and a prediction. i hope this helps.

To stay in love and to fall in love, it is the same? :^o

I don’t believe anything that you all said, but I am here to listen. =P~

You can stay in love - you just can’t stay infatuated - that is for sure. The love grows, becomes richer with more depth; you have more experiences to draw on and family to share. You also could be so tired of each other that you could puke. :evilfun:

It’s a toss up, but I feel that you can be with the same person for life… it is a managable thing if you are realistic and make sure your life is full of other things other than him/her. Just don’t make that other “thing” someone else you are having sex with… hmmm. #-o

that’s what i was trying to say… maybe not what i got across.

Love is Chaos. It canot be sumoned comanded nor controled it has no order and makes man and spirit alike act without reason nor logic, it brings feelings of completeness and happiness and when torn away stirs hatred and malice.

Love depending on it’s victem causes many diferent reactions it is what it is and the best describer is Chaos.

Action-Reaction, Cause-Effect, Love-Chaos-Order-Chaos-Love

This can be seen anywhere in the world and in every belief or religion.