How Do You "Troll" the World?

please share your techniques both in real life and through artificial mediums that you have honed in detail

i look forward to your replies with enthusiasm

If you knew how you would certainly do it
I will troll the world before you and even if I wished to tell you how, I could not
as I could not tell you in words how to paint

creation it is
art it is

more words on the subject are moot

ps. I wont be back on this forum… I am annoy with all the must check moderation blah

christo signing out

haha he just got past the point where his posts have to be checked and that’s when he leaves! shit’s great.

in any case, if one wants to troll, just expose yourself in public. that always does the trick.

I don’t really see the need for this question considering all the examples you can look at for free right here and so many other places.

whats wrong with having a compilation thread?

Yeah-um…if this is a Mundane Babble type of question, that’s where this thread will wind up.

I troll the World (Outside of the Web) by:

1.) Being a Grammar Nazi.

2.) Pointing out formal logical inconsistencies in the things people say.

3.) Being all, “Holier than thou,” about being a vegetarian.

4.) Correcting the estimated sports statistics of other people by providing the real statistic, occasionally (but rarely) when I don’t actually know the real statistic.


Guy: “He had a killer year, man, he batted .280-something.”

Me: “.276, actually.”

5.) Offering my Unsolicited opinion on some matters, but then having nothing to say when my opinion is solicited.

6.) Falling asleep in inappropriate places and/or at inappropriate times.

7.) Rolling down my socks when I wear shorts as opposed to just buying some ankle socks.

8.) Biting my fingernails around my wife, particularly when driving. I could probably refrain from doing so if I really focused on it.

9.) By addressing most people I know by their surname. “Mr./Ms.”

10.) By telling Faust that this should have already been moved to Mundane Babble.

BONUS: By coming up with bullshit lists on ways that I troll the World when only Numbers 1.), 6.), 7.) 8.) and 10.) are actually true.

Second BONUS: By making you scroll back up to see what numbers 1.), 6.), 7.) 8.) and 10.), were because, for some reason, you’re actually interested enough to do so.

Easy, you tell a Lie so big, that everybody in the world believes it.

Is that even possible?

I think maybe these guys troll the world.

If Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein did it then I can do it too.

you mean… with physics?

Yes, the greatest trolls are ones who learn physics and pretend they know what they’re talking about.

As I said, people like Newton, Einstein, Galileo, and whoever. These men were the greatest trolls of all time.

So you’re saying shit like the laws of motion aren’t real?