How does an aesthetical judgement emerge?

I wonder if people really like the fact of seeing a painting, listening to a piece of music, watching a drama or only the process of recognizing a painting, a piece of music, a drama, etc?
Do we like to listen to a song because it’s the song or do we like to listen to a song because it’s been broadcasted by every station radio a thousand time? So where does our aesthetical judgements come from? From the recognition process of a piece of arts or from its discovery as being such? I’m not too sure this is clearly formulated.

It can’t be the second. I’ve liked plenty of music that was mostly unheard of. It might have something to do with how many people like it maybe, but it’s certainly not the only or the main factor in determining if you like something.

I only like music if it’s sung by an attractive woman, I can’t stand music sung by artsy-fartsy bohemian types singing 'bout anarchist revolution, existential individualist veganism, or what not, so for me, it’s all about who’s singing it, whether their clothes match, and how rich they are… basically anything but the music.

I agree, clothes are not important for music, unless you are a nun and wants to show it :slight_smile:

It’s possible to appreciate art merely be recognition rather than the fact that we just like that piece of art because in its recognition we recognise its place in the history of art where it reflects different painting developments and whatnot.

The same could be said for music too…meh…I’m not too interested in music though.