How Evil Are You?

:evilfun: Statistically speaking, - what percentage of your day do you spend 1. Being Evil or 2. doing evil things? Also, feel free to evaluate or discuss other people you know or come into contact with, - on how Evil you think they are if you so desire. :-k

Feel Free to go into as much detail as you want.


 Depends on how you define what evil is.  It's fairly obvious a conscious hurting of others is evil, but apart from that I find very little left to calssify as evil.  Most people are not evil, and do not commit conscious evil acts.

I think it depends on how YOU define what it is. O:)

Why would it be any more or less evil if it was conscious versus unconscious? :angry-devil:

How do YOU know and what makes you think they don’t? :-k

duality you need to define evil…

Alright, I didn’t want to do this, - but for the sake of this thread not veering hopelessly off track, I will provide a definition for Evil.

And that is: Doing something for the sake of selfish gain or pleasure. :orcs-buttshake:

Now since everyone does this to an extent as a consequence of existing, - I created this thread titled ‘How Evil Are You?’ No Judgements Here. :-$ Just let Loose. :astonished: O:)

Ok doing things for selfish gain or pleasure, again has the problem of drawing where such doing reaches certain limits. Let me explain. I eat a strawberry soda for selfish pleasure is not really in it’s self evil. You have to draw a line where selfishness infringes on others. Right?

Where is the line drawn where selfishness becomes evil?

0% of the time.

Not really, - and let me explain why. You have no idea if that soda was produced by some unsatisfied minimum-wage slave-laborer. You have no idea if people were actually Killed in order to effectuate the production of that soda. O:)

Chances are, - they probably were, if you dig deep enough or go far enough down the line. Just because someone else does the dirty work for you, and then sweeps it under the rug so you don’t have to see it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. :-$ Human society was built on exploitation and hypocritical self-Service, - and this is why all effects of causality are inescapably tainted by selfishness and Evil, - especially in human societies(hierarchies). :evilfun:

And even if all of that weren’t true, - you would have still killed an Innocent Strawberry for the sake of your own pleasure and survival, - Mr. Evil.

:banana-dance: :angelic-red:

Do You consider Lying Evil? O:)

Wow so that’s what ‘evil’ is, looks an awful lot like a survival strategy, maybe, inappropriately applied. There is nothing I would guess that is morally wrong with looking out for one’s self interest. It appears a perfectly valid survival strategy. When the landscape is vast and the aid of someone else is far away, who else is there to aid you in your interest. There is certain criticism of turning all of our behaviors into pathologies, it is a fine line. Selfishness is a healthy strategy until it becomes obsessive and/or compulsive, or otherwise inappropriate to the circumstances, beyond ones own ability to recognize or control. Rather then to see the world through the lens of “good” or “evil” there is an equally valid view, that of health and wellness or sickness and decay. Those that would spread illness are ill, a contagious pathogen. That is not evil. Perhaps we are expecting too much from reasoning to overcome the instinct ingrained for hundreds of thousands of years. Ingrained during a much different time and place then we find ourselves in today. Responsibility is something that requires cognition. I would guess a germ is blissfully unaware of the damage it as pathogen may cause.

So how evil am I? You tell me, that seems to be the general vector judgments of evil take. It’s that selfish thing that’s evil. Everyone does it, ergo we are all evil. That appears to be a rather unhealthy line of reasoning.

Is there a doctor in the house?

It seems clear that if one rejects the terms ‘good’ and ‘evil’ he is labeled evil. I reject the terms entirely so I’m being evil every second of the day. Furthermore, I never concern myself with where any potential action I may make falls within the good-evil dichotomy, so it also seems to follow that one hundred percent of what I do is evil. I would also note that within the above line of reasoning this response, specifically, is unduly evil.

Darkness - Absence of light
vacant - Absence of being occupied

evil - absence of humanity ???

If you find some person in need of some help may be any way even financially , and you ignore that person , does it make you harsh and evil
or can you be called gentle man who minds his own business but not others.

How do one person become evil ?
Can a person’s act of ignorance enough to tag evil badge.

Can good and bad make any sense with discussion on right and wrong.
Can good vs right , or bad vs wrong ever appear as matter of discussion depending on the existence of species lifestyle or society ?

seriously i need a job here , earning making me merely around 1000 - 2000 $ , is enough.

I am just a tad bad everyday, I try not to be but, it just pops out at times.

Evil? By the popular definition of evil this entire civilization is evil and immoral along with everybody that participates in it.

Goodness? What is that?


Nope. O:)

:banana-dance: :evilfun:

Why not instead embrace and revel in your Evilness instead of rejecting it’s existence? O:)

Why not Both? O:)

Through existing. O:)

Would it make you feel better if you were More evil or Less Evil than the average person?

YOU Tell me. [-o< :teasing-wedgie:


Well then You can ignore my definition and continue proselytizing. :mrgreen: :D/

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There is no such thing as goodness.

Those that call themselves good, virtuous, moral, and noble are the biggest hypocrites of their own so called beliefs.

This is why I said if evil existed the entire civilization that we live in can be defined as evil especially along with all its inhabitants.

how are you defining evil…

How else? The traditional method by where it stems from.

I personally don’t believe in good or evil, but I am saying presupposing that it does exist this entire civilization can be described as evil along with all its inhabitants in it.

How do you figure? You don’t believe there is a difference between what is good you and what isn’t?