how many arguments

How many arguments do you reckon the average working person has per day with colleagues, customers, management, family, etc?

Depends on what you think an argument is.

Sometimes i feel like my life is just an incessent series of arguments with fate. Needless to say, i lose most of them.

Average people probably don’t argue all that much, unless they are unhappy with someone. i know i usually prefer to avoid an argument if i can, at least in my real life with family and colleagues. They are not generally pleasant things. Ultimately it depends on who you are arguing with, but the average arguments people get into day to day are more often than not counterproductive. The majority of people dont recognize arguing as a skill and i’d guess that the average person argues for the most part only when angry, which means nothing much ever comes from arguing with them.

Every time I communicate with someone, it’s an argument.

Shut up, no it isn’t.


“Sometimes i feel like my life is just an incessent series of arguments with fate. Needless to say, i lose most of them.”

Love it!

Depends on your line of work. Think of lawyers. But I bet on average there’s a lot of practice arguments (fantasies), but not many real ones. I’m mostly thinking of the workplace.

Most appear to see argument as a means to an end secondarily, and primarily just a way to vent respressed emotion. Neither of which is honed, intellectually or otherwise, nor made into an art or a skill. This would be why nothing much ever comes of it. Nothing much other than a release of energy - any actual influence is a bonus.

Oh yeah, the topic.

I never argue with my colleagues, customers, management or family. So for me, zero.

Well said.

Also, if you try to have a constructive argument with most people, they are immediately offended - which makes arguing typically off-limits in most situations.


This is why I hold back on talking to almost everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s taken me a loooong time to learn how to “naturally” small talk and speak bullshit, just to “fit in”. But my god do I resent it :stuck_out_tongue:

The next step is to not talk at all and just work beyond the system.
I don’t want to sound negative but how can you ever save someone from themself?

 Try to tell them to stop arguing with themselves

That was the previous step. Doesn’t work as well as fiction might make it out to work.
You get really good, but really ineffectual.

Well as soon as I say what a “lovely day, nice and sunny”, the person I mention this to, will reply, “no it is too hot”.

Does that explain what an argument is.

I think that would class as a disagreement.

At most causing a slight feeling of conflict, perhaps even escalating into an argument if the two people involved were particularly unreasonable and petty - maybe having a history of hurt/bitterness/revenge between them. I struggle to think how one could even make a disagreement on the weather into an argument…

Perhaps you meant to ask “how many disagreements do you reckon the average working person has per day with colleagues, customers, management, family, etc?”

Can’t tell you about the average person. I tend to have at least two a day. More if you count contrary animals that I work with and those that live with us.

Well it is the beginning of an argument.

You really could get into an argument about whether it really is a nice day or whether it’s too hot?
Maybe you were just using it as an example.

Yes, arguments are founded on disagreement, but not all disagreements amount to argument.
I’m just saying perhaps you ought to be clearer with what you’re asking.
Maybe not - you’re getting answers from people anyway, myself included.

How many arguments do you reckon you have per day?

Did you mean this, or did you mean “…could not…”

May I ask by argument do you feel there should be some angry exchange?

Well at present I am not employed, so I have limited exposure to stressful situations, but when working I would have said about 20 per day, where it is more disagreements if by argument you mean an angry exchange.

No, I meant it how I said it.
It was a question, combined with surprise and a certain amount of rhetoric, expecting the answer to be “no”, but not assuming it would be for definite. This somewhat amounts to removing the question mark and writing “could not” as you have suggested, but I did not want to presume I knew the answer. Perhaps you really could get into an argument about whether it was a nice day or too hot. My question was along the lines of “surely not?”

I did presume this is how you meant it. Not because that is how I define it myself, but because that was the feel I got from your question.
But since you ask this question, I am doubting my original judgment.

I would regard an argument as an extension from a disagreement. It would have to escalate into something more in depth, with or without emotions coming to the surface. A justified discussion that amounts to conclusions, whether diverging ones or converging ones.

So how are you defining argument? Something like this?
This question was the first response to your OP by Hobbes - and whilst you addressed it, I don’t think you answered it sufficiently.

The 2 or 3 you had per day when employed - what was their general nature?

This is a similar answer to Kris. I wonder if they are both generous underestimates in practice? :wink:
Personally I prefer charming people or just agreeing if that doesn’t work, in order to demonstrate their folly through practice. Manipulation seems to me a more successful tactic when intending to prove a point.