How old do you wish to live and if why?

Once when someone is born, and is rational, they fear of dying and wants to preserve their life as long as they can. Some will live willing to a feeding tube, some will live with a machine as a heart, and some will have a blood transfusion, so the old can have young and healthy blood, but what so ever, the fear of death is in them.
But why do you want to live? What are your goals in life? To be rich, to be famous, to have a family and see your great great grand children? Why can’t one renounce life?

mainly because of our innate instinct to live and survive.

personally i hope to live to see my grandchildren, yet i dont want to live so long that i can’t do anything by myself and have to burden others. Maybe around 75-80 i guess :confused:

I think we have instincts to survive, just like we have instincts for sex and food for obvious survival needs. living is at the heart of survival.

I live because I think it is fun and interesting I guess. I have so much fun drinking and skateboarding with my friends (at the same time), I laugh until I almost split wide open, that makes life worth living to me.

Music, music can consume me and make me feel things that I can only compare to a river of light energy and colors flowing straight thru my body, it get’s me so high, that it is worth living to experience this.

My dog. I love to watch my dog running around outside, when I see him run like crazy, almost falling over running so fast with a huge grin on his face, I realize that being crazy is one of the greatest ways to live.

Life can be shit, or it can be great, some of these choices is up to us I think.

If you don’t believe in an afterlife then without life you have nothing. Pain and suffering imo is better than nothing, probably the scariest thought of all.

This is perhaps the reason many people turn to religion in the first place.

I want to live until I’m not able to care for myself. I DON’T want to live in a nursing home or be in diapers. I would rather be dead.

I don’t fear being dead but the act of dying terrifies me. I don’t know why either.

yes you do. you have this life. That is what you do have. Whether there is an after life or not is just something that exists in our heads. We all reaason differently there, no one person looks at the after life quite teh same really.

What you do know is that you are alive. I encourage everyone not to waste it. Live, love, make life better for someone. get drunk, laugh, fullfill your goals. or just drag a long and over-complain. Once you realize you are alive, and taht death is an uncertainty, it is time to live.

I think I may be weird. I may marry, but I don’t want to have any kids (I wouldn’t want to force that sort of childhood on anyone that my parenting would provide.) I have no huge goals in life, other than to accomplish whatever it is that God sent me here to do (but He just won’t tell me what that is.) And I know I do not lead a healthy lifestyle, at all. After youth wears off, I will be unhealthy, probably overweight, and likely to have cancer. With all this in mind, I figure 30 is a good age to die, and I tell everyone that too.

As for how I would die, I have no idea. Clearly suicide is not an option, I owe it to God to live a full life, and only He can decide when that is done (and I am a bit of a coward.) Otherwise, I am pretty open, and hope that medicine can ease whatever pain is involved (still a coward. =)

“Death is not an event in life”, Wittgenstein

Thus the fear of death is not rational since it does not occur within life, it’s actually thorougly irrational. I do not fear death but that is not a good reason not to embrace life. Life is interesting at the moment, but im young and fairly healthy.

Ok, the time is propitious for me to present to you, gentlemen, one of my recent experiences with the marvels of computer technology.

So I got this program that, after being fed with some empirical data like sex, birthdate, amount of weekly exercise, sleep and stuff, returns the exact date, including hour and minute in time when you will die.

What I did was max all the positive things up and minimize all that was bad or nocive, like drugs or relatives with cancer. So the program tells me that I die in November 2070. Ok, cool. With 1988 at starting point, that amounts to 82 years, which is reasonable, and considering the requisite 12 hours of sleep per day, you’re still left with 41 entire years in which to be active. So far so good. But then I change the sex, from male to female, the meter shows 2076. 2076, with the exact same paremeters ! Just for being a woman ! That is utterly outrageous, I tell you. Six years… I can get my Ph.D in philosophy in six years. I mean, what the hell, does anyone know the reason for this horrible social inequity ?

Oh, and another aspect. Again, within the exact same parameters, I change the personality type from optimistic to pessimistic and the gap shown is of about 5 years. I repeat, an outrage. A pessimistic man, with the exact same preocupations and living habits as an optimistic female will be outlived by her with 11 years. Oh crap, I don’t like that. It turns my pessimistic knobs only thinking about eleven years gone down the drain just for prefering Schopenhauer to Klapka Jerome and belching over nail-polishing. Eleven years is a lot of days, I don’t have memories spanning for that long. I’m telling you, this is not something I’m comfortable with . Now, I don’t reckon that I’d choose to desperately cling to a tube if my only connection with life would be through it, but I’d surely prefer to stay around longer, even if it’s just to catch up on Detrop’s latest exhortations. Maybe I could even outpost Dunamis, who, as far as I know, isn’t very optimistic.

classical hedonist

i honestly believe that i will die young (or at least younger than normal). i don’t know why i have always believed this but it’s as though i already know it to be true.

Hedonistic . . .yeah, why not, what else should I do? . . . Besides being ethical, and treating other people with respect, and going after my goals . . What other purpose for living exists? Do you have a higher road for me Blindseer? If so, I would loooove to hear it my friend.

I know that for me, I would rather walk blissful roads, than boring or battering roads.

What is your purpose for living Blindseer? Also,are you attatching negative, positive, neutral or other connotations to the term Hedonistic?

happy traveling . . . or not

interesting. Whether your ideal is true or something you are creating in your mind, just remember that what we think, we often help to create. . . I sometimes feel that I will live a long time, and other times that I might get in a car accident before I am 40. I hope I live long though, I took psychology of aging in college, and there are lot of myths about aging in our society. Some things in our bodies degrade as we age, and some things actually improve. It is really facinating stuff.

I wish to die when I am supposed to, no sooner or no later. I hate tardiness as well as over zealousness. I wish I could say I would like to die young but, that option, hmmm, nevermind that option is still in because I say so.
Seriously I wish only to die at the time I am supposed to

Kris, can’t you ONLY die when your supposed to? I mean how can you die when your not supposed to? By accident? :confused: What if your supposed to die by accident?

To mike. I did not really mean hedonist in a negative term, yet i do believe in a greater purpose in life. One that is bigger then myself. The reason for this is that, if all we have to life is this, and after we die it all goes away, what does it all matter? And if it doesn’t matter, and life is meant to be lived in pleasure, then how can anyone do wrong? What if by doing that wrong they are achieving pleasure? Where would there be natural justice?

I respect your belief in a greater purpose in life.

I understand the idea of pleasure and unethical things being a sticky issue.

Because I do not believe “I know” of any other life or existence after this one, I feel that to enjoy it is the best option. i don’t believe society will instantly fall apart if people do not believe in a higher power etc, b/c people still want to live in saftey, and so that is why they create laws of mutual respect. But I hear you Blindseer, it’s a broad issue, and totaly hedonistic living, without regard to others, surely will cause a lot of misery in the process. Therefore, pleasure of an individual has to be defined in the context of the well being of the human community for it to not cause harm. (Pleasure and happiness causes longer life spans. The idea in itself should be something to strive for, if you want to live a long life.)

pleasure goes with death there is no way someone would feel pleasure hurting another and not be in chains of self destruction strength above this is the proof of a god who is giving blinds in Him a reason to seek his will to live

Kris, can’t you ONLY die when your supposed to? I mean how can you die when your not supposed to? By accident? :confused: What if your supposed to die by accident?


presumably dying when youwant to as this thread asks wouldn’t be necessarily dying when you are supposed to???

commas or periods will make it easier to understand your linear deduction.

actually, . . . pleasure does NOT go with death. Pleasure causes people to live longer because less stress aids your immune system. (Pleasure=life, stress= death)

Being worried all the time wondering if you are pleasing a divine abstract entity causes stress which will make you live shorter. (side note, divine beliefs do not have to cause stress, but in fundamentalist circles they often mass manufacture it.)

And feeling pleasure hurting others will make someone eventually take you to court or punch you in the face, which will probably make you quit the behavior.

what is pleasure? it is your thoughts giving to your soul a fake feeling of being away in God as all souls know the reason of their fears that is why you see when you finish with your brief stupid pleasure you feel so depressed this is much more dangerous to your soul than stress of seeking the truth of God multiplying the fake and your soul eyes in truth will failed and you will live as a robot mechanicaly ruled by skin with no soul alive in the length of a life is in moments of feeling alive and it is only in awareness of being in a reality provided by God