How old is too old for a woman to get a husband?

Realistically, despite how many Sex and the City episodes
show 38 -year- old women going out on sexy dates, what is the age that a woman is just too old to get a man to seriously consider her for marriage???


you just never fucking learn, do you?







You really do need to stop peering at the world through the crib slats… You’ve pretty much used up amused and are teetering on the edge of pathetic.

I’m sure you are an intelligent young woman. Start using that intelligence.


How old is to old?

That’s up to the person to decide for themselves, obviously.

And seriously PG, think somewhat critically before you post next time.

I can’t help but answer this question


(I know, not really an age)


It depends on the man. Real men inclined for marriage will always find real women of comparable age with similar interests attractive. It has in modern society become increasingly difficult to find real men and women making renting and the avoidance of reality more attractive.

Water seeks its own level. Real people usually attract the opposite sex on this same basis and age becomes a non factor.


Why should it be her responsibility to rebel against tradition?


Keep in mind that Sex in the City may not be a good yardstick to measure yourself by. How many women actually talk about the quality of different dildos with their friends? Or Maybe I’m just old fashioned.
There are still Eighty year olds around who are getting married again so no age is too old. (But you don’t have to go for a Eighty year old)

These days ‘middle aged’ is creeping closer to 50 anyways.

I think the real trick is to focus on finding a guy you like spending time with and spend time with him, don’t focus on finding a ‘potential candidate’ or you’ll just end up sabotaging yourself.

Sex In The City was originally supposed to be about gay men.