How one should behave in hell

What do you think is the ettiquette in hell? If hell is a social environment then there must be some kind of rules of how to behave. Does might make right in hell?

I think you should be able to do anything and have anything you want in hell. I think the people in hell are probably very cruel and selfish- certainly evil, tormented souls- so why not let them have anything they want?

As for “hell ettiquette”, I’m sure there would be bad manners and chaos all around. People in hell probably don’t ever try to settle anything when they’re angry- I’m sure many conversations result in violence, even the ones that start off on the right foot.

I’m just trying to visualize hell right now and all of the goings on there (not too difficult because I’m at work)… above are just some initial thoughts. The first thing that popped into my head when I thought of hell was ILP! I mean that in a good way. There’s an amount of freedom here and in hell. I mean if you behave badly in hell, where’s god going to send you next?

In Hell you can definately smoke anytime without asking anyone it it’s okay. Of course, in Hell everything’s probably smoking. :stuck_out_tongue: I imagine you may also wail and gnash your teeth as loudly as you like even if it’s very late at night.

I would imagine that should there be a hell as fictional as say…Dante’s “Divine Comedy,” certainly Darwin’s rule of only the fittest surviving would be in full force…

I would imagine hell as waking up and finding myself back here having to do it all over again. Over and over and over for all eternity…

That would be hell!



The does sound hellish, and rather like something that Rod might have put in one of his Twilight Zone episodes. A psychological hell seems much more horrific to me than a hell of physical torrture. That would be the death of hope, and much like the impotence (effectlessness) of Dante’s Satan.


I agree that brute force would probably rule the day, but there would be no such thing as survial or death anymore. If you die in hell where do you go from there? No I imagine that you would be trapped there, with no where to go. If you were killed in hell you would only rise again.

I imagine that all of history’s most ruthless generals would be quite suited to existence in hell. A never ending war, no hope of death or release for the poor grunts.

I would imagine that there would be some kind of hierarchy. One would have to get permission to even think…

Hi A,

How so? If I fail to get permission, just how do you plan on punishing me? (not that you’re devilish or anything) That’s the problem with heaven and hell as separate entities. How many perfect plums can you eat before you no longer notice their perfection? How much pain can be inflicted before we cease to be aware of pain?

Perhaps I’m naive, but I have never figured out how this inspires so much terror in the hearts of men when the either/or scenario makes absolutely no sense


Hi JT,

Well I would never punish YOU JT, even when I am devilish. I may get myself into trouble but punish you… never!

You may have a point there though. I guess ceasing to be aware of pain is a kind of transcendence in itself, but is it the kind of transcendence we are looking for. Hell is after all what most people are living in right here and right now.



I recently heard something from a very relaible source in these matters that is sparking a great deal of controversy in and around hell. The powers that be apparently have gotten on the politically correct bandwagon and soon will instill “No Smoking” regulations in Hell. The concern is that this may indeed initiate Armageddon.

No, no…I didn’t mean that specifically as the weak would die and the strong would live - rather, I’m speaking more along the lines of who is going to have the brute force to overpower you in an attempt to shove some large elongated object up your ass? The guy you just met or the next guy coming in behind you? It would be a fight for power and domination in Hell…you and your crew versus the horde of demons under Satan’s command… pointless, yes, but interesting.

Maybe in hell, it’s more about never achieving peace of mind. Can you imagine, it’s probably a place full of philosophers…lol. Since hell bounders will never achieve peace of mind, maybe they live in distrust of everyone and therefore cause harm to everyone. Or maybe it’s full of cruel tricks, where your desires are presented to you but then destroyed or taken away right before you. Maybe we become our worst nightmares. Sounds too much like living on Earth, that sucks but here’s the twist. On top of that, maybe you never grow accustomed to the punishments because only the people in heaven or on earth are able to achieve that state. So you live in constant discomfort and pain, and you know this because you know what the opposite feels like because you were once human on earth.


Aside: My cousins and I, as children, always tried to spook each other every time we had a sleep over…lol. After hours of story telling, no one wanted to sleep near the window and door or even leave the room alone. Can you imagine living an eternity of paranoia and fear without even a light switch. It would really suck if there were actually a hell. Interestingly my mom always said “heaven and hell is here on earth,” and I guess that’s why she seems not to fear death.

hm… hell… constant pain, emotional and physical… so it wouldn’t be the same for everybody… it would be tailored to reflect the individual’s earthly experiences… perhaps reliving, over and over again, your most shameful, embarrassing, painful, etcetera, moment(s)… and all your nightmares… with no reprieve… And if hell is a sort of concentration camp for fallen souls… they would all be kept in solitary confinement, guarded by demons… It would be like the Matrix, but instead of thinking you’re living out normal, everyday life, they make you feel like you’re in hell (previously described)… and if you try to break free of that Hell-Matrix, the demons cause you unimaginable pain so that you don’t fight it.

Hm. A movie that shows a dude (or girl) actually breaking out of that sort of hell… that would be kind of cool. A sort of rebellion against Satan, and God… if that were possible… if they existed… hell, it’s sci-fi, why not?

It occured to me those who feel remorse don’t really belong in hell, and those who do not feel remorse, have nothing to relive in that sort of hell.

Perhaps instead hell would be suffering what you have inflicted upon others. But wouldn’t that turn God into the one He is punishing? It just perpetuates the bad conditioning that is the source of all crime.

Hell just doesn’t make good sense.

Does ‘might’ ever make ‘right’, in any situation? I don’t think so. Not even in hell. I would agree might ‘wins’, however – in every situation where ‘might’ is a factor… might of brawn or might of brains, either way.

Since I haven’t really been of a biblical bent since my early teens I came to thinking that when you die, and spool through the epic of your life in your last minutes, you judge yourself by what morals you have accepted, and as the f-i-n-a-l f-e-w s-e-c-o-n-d-s stretch out to infinity either torture yourself with the memories of events you haven’t reconciled yourself with, or smile beatificaly at a job well done.

Speaking abstractly however - I think hell would be a grey featureless waste, and sinners insubstantial - unable to derive any sort of sensory stimulation whatsoever - just left to wander pointlessly, stewing in their own failures, without even the comparative luxury insanity left as an option, like a computer locked into an endless loop.

As for The Morning Star and his lackeys - if they had any kind of sentience at all - they’d of all pissed off long ago and started small businesses somewhere else. I mean, Hell - what a boring place - king or pauper. I think that’s a problem with any form of fixed place of suffering/ecstacy - unless you have a really long attention span, you’d end up bored with both of them. So in the end - both would come to being ‘hell’ for the soul involved.

welcome to hell it’s called life, just behave exactly as you are now.

I will just lie on the beach and get washed twice a day by the tide, hey thats heaven isn’t it? So what does a grain of sand care?