How smart are you?


I am smarter than your average bear.

I’m a genius compared to the average guy on the street, I’d say.

Compared to actual ‘smart’ people, I’m probably pretty average.

I am the smartest person within 1 inch of me. At the moment.

I’m smarter than the people I compare myself to, and stupider than those I try to ignore.

Smart enough to know better.

I’m dumber than Boss.

Sometimes I am exceptionally bright other times I am outrageously stupid.

Intelligence is only temporary - at least that’s what I keep telling myself!

I know some Intellectual Giants - who couldn’t find their way home from town. I know some idiots who can recite long poems of long dead poets and then analyse the poem till the cow comes home.


Intelligence is actually quite moody

Good old Colin, posting this twice in a thread asking how intelligent he is:

i.e. he’s smart enough to realise this about himself, but stupid enough to have posted it twice without realising.

:smiley: :smiley:

…and I’m so smart, I’m about to edit my latest post in the Absolute Randomness thread for the fifth time.


everyone on this website will say they are smart because to like philosophy is to be smart is the common belief.

also, being smart is generally considered a good thing. few people desire to be undesirable.

I don’t think so. Socrates was basically praised as being wise because he admitted that he knew nothing.

As for me, I’m an idiot. I just got lucky in that your average bear is not too intelligent either.

I’m smart enough to sit down at google and figure out how the world actually works, seemingly just by intuition.

Outside of that I’m incredibly stupid.

Much of high school, middle school, and elementary school I struggled in math, physics, and often felt I was a slow reader.

However, I have always been a fairly competent writer and I know that I am intelligent (at least my thinking tells me so : )

definitely would NOT use school grades as an indicator of intelligence, though some tests, taken under appropriate conditions, can be indicative of relative intelligence (in at least some areas of intelligence)

i come here for the women…


Smart enough to still be alive.

oh I see yromemtnatsisrep

yromemtnatsisrep wrote:

so your thread “How smart are you” (similar to: How strong are you?) is like a macho contest for philosophers, a flexing of the mind?


I’m smart enough not to smoke pot.

I’m smarter than the amount of smartness i interperate every other person having.