How tall are you?

Six ft Zero inches.

Oh for fucks sake.

Age. (twice)
Now… Height.

What’s next…? Inside leg measurement…? Dress to the left or to the right…? One nipple slightly higher than the other…?

And to think I came here seeking wisdom.

Pot/kettle/black…? :smiley:

You speak as if wisdom was something the wise could give to the foolish or that anyone could get wise without paying dearly for it.

Anyway. :smiley: You hit the buzzer contestant, what is your answer? :smiley:

1.85m and growing.

5’2" and one of my nipples is on my left leg…

That’s quite profound.

5’8 with nipples on my back for dancing :smiley:

5’ 10", nipples in correct place

I’m just going to keep quiet in future. :unamused:

See ‘sexual tensions’ (page 2) for the full truth on Tabula…

Could you send me a kilo of wisdom through the post…?
I’ll send you an IOU…

1.83m (6ft I think)

I used to be 6’1", but then I raised three children, I’m probably down to 5’10". You lose about an inch of height per child. If they have minds like some of this crew, maybe 2 inches… :laughing:


17.75 hands


Nooooo way! I ain’t goin’ in there.

While Imp reveals that he is some kind of horse. (Or perhaps he is a Houyhnhnm.)

A very sensible course of action. It’s gotten pree-tee scary recently. I’ve only just finished getting the stains out of my cerebellum.
I tells ya - those brillo-pads are hell on ya synapses…

That phrase about monsters, fighting and such. Completely true.

1.80 m (6ft)

And now - for my height :smiley:

PS: İmp could be some kind of siamese-twin squid of some type - or am I just stretching here…?

“While Imp reveals that he is some kind of horse. (Or perhaps he is a Houyhnhnm.)”
Ah houyhnhnms… so utterly reasonable that they lose all iknowledge in how to enjoy lexistance thus their lives are worthless… how is that intelliegnt? Perhaps he is a yahoo…
What kind of a crazy fool remembers Gulliver’s Travels when he doesn’t have to!? … but it is a rather good scathing satire on humanity.

I have no idea how tall I am… 5’7" maybe? Who really cares?

Perhaps you should measure yourself. The size of a sword matters.

The size of a sword matters hey?

Well my sword is 2 inches … from the ground. Heh heh, sorry couldn’t resist

I’m 6’3"


LMAO NoelyG…
but I’m a girl (maybe we should have ANOTHER gender post thing…).
Ok, ok - as of 10 seconds ago I am exactly 5 feet and 4.3 inches. Anything else you want to know? I weigh 110 pounds, have blonde hair, green/gray eyes… does any of this really matter? I didn’t think so.

Ah but the size of a sword matters? Which one… the wooden practice sword, the traditional katana, rapier, wakizashi, or fancy my personal favorite, the falichon (larger version of the scimitar)? :sunglasses:

Does having a body matter? Does being matter matter? Does being an object in space matter?