How the ideology of the far left eats itself.

From a natural history perspective one must consider that ultimately the ideologies of the far left and far right may converge in their results, as they are both expressions of the same biological organism and its evolutionary drives.

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That one is weird in a scary sort of way.
“OUR land” … ???


Excellent videos. I’ve used the first one on “progressives” before and all I get is silence. No “progressive” has the honesty or integrity to see the hypocrisy in their ideology.

Awesome. Another bashing the left thread by people who are so lazy and inept,
all they can do is post video’s from youtube. Color me impressed.


Those have got to be the stupidest and strangest videos I’ve seen in some time. They’re almost creepy.

These video’s are so bad, watching them dropped my IQ by 40 points.
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Yeah because that’s not how whites took over america. At all.

you think?


The “progressives” are out in force. How about addressing the points made? It’s not only applicable to the USA; it’s applicable to all multicultural countries. The videos use the same language and “logic” that “progressives” use. Any ridiculing of the videos is in actual fact a ridiculing of “progressivism”.

K: what points made? it used 21 century language in an 16 century context. Try using 21 century language
in an 21 century context and then ask me about the “points” made.


Those who do not know that, that is from history, not from any cartoon film.

One should not be ashamed of accepting the truth. That does not convert into it a lie either.

with love,

Of course it used 21st century concepts - the very concepts used today by “progressives” to justify the self-determination of any non-white ethnicity/race, whilst simultaneously denying the right of any white ethnicity/race to self-determination. Look, I am not a necessarily a white nationalist or white supremacist, but I am tired of having to put up with “progressives” and their double standards.

What sorts of double standards?

“Progressives” are fine with the Palestinian desire for self-determination, Australian Aboriginal self-determination, American Indian self-determination, African self-determination, Chinese self-determination, etc. etc. etc. However, any call for European nations (and their cousin states) to be self-determinate is met with screams of racism and Nazism.

Very true. If however you want to know who created this world and current reality look no further than our own people.

At the end of the day you cannot save a people that is suicidal and bent on self destruction.

Eventually you just stop caring altogether. I know that I have.

Yes, the “progressive” is, unfortunately, a Western invention. There’s something very peculiar about North, Western people in this sense. Southern Europe hasn’t been infected with “progressivism” to the extent the Northern states have. It must be something to do with the Germanic character.

Southern and Eastern Europe just as bad. There is no untouched area in the world anymore.

Europeans are purely suicidal. I’ve come to terms with that a long time ago.

My experience differs. There’s still a sense of masculinity, nationalism, shame, and honour in these states. Turks, for example, have little time for the “progressive” bullshit you find in Anglo/Germanic countries.

I wouldn’t find Turkey very European at all beyond a few Greek remnants.

Europeans/western culture is not suicidal, its flaws and excesses such as progressivism are examples of its overflowing strength and its critical, self-testing eye. These ideologies have evolved because the western mind is more expansive, curious, intelligent, ambitious in its self-valuing than any other cultural mind in history, and along with that success comes more requirement of energy, more degrees of freedom, more tendency to devolve one’s personal mental inertia and personality into given tracts that allow a more efficient management of conscious perspectives and energy-use.

Just because western thought is the highest-yet tradition of thought, reason and intelligence in history does not mean that people in western cultures are not still human, easily deceived, prone to convenient apathies and convincing lies.

Ancient Greece was its own highest-point in history, which fell as a result of its own self-critical testing and overflow of strength; its method, values and history passed to Rome, which as a result became the next standard-bearer of human thought and development, only to eventually fall as well to the same kinds of self-induced degenerations and errors. Through the fall of Rome these western ideas and values were passed to Europe, slowly gestated in Christianity and eventually culminated on their own merit and gathered power in the Renaissance and the Enlightenment; humanity was finally given science, self-government and a largely free society in which to self-value in western terms. These terms include biases against what is non-western, including other cultures with no tradition of scientific skepticism, rational thinking, religious curiosity or the codified legal value of impartial law and individual value and autonomy.

Now we inheritors of this long tradition are again caught up in the western thought’s self-critical eye, its ruthless and myriad testing of itself. It is easy to mistake this for suicidality, when in fact it is precisely the opposite and only manifests individually in that way in those individuals who are below the curve of western intellectual growth and standards generally-- another form of self-testing, selection and rejection, self-valuing.