How the quantum theory can explain the Existence?

How the quantum theory can explain the Existence?
Postulate - 1
Physical theory without reference frame is a parody of theory.
Postulate – 2
Quantum particle without geometrical form is a parody of Nature.
Why I took these two postulates?
Euclid needed his postulates to create geometry.
Einstein needed his postulates to explain SRT.
In quantum theory we don’t have reference frame and quantum
particle is only a mathematical point therefore we cannot
understand the reality of micro-world.
To limit misunderstanding I take these two postulates.
If I said: “an elephant fought with a whale”, you would laugh.
You know they live in two different reference frames and never can meet.
Of course, there are animals that can live in these two RF, but you know “why”.
Now you can read that “big bang” doesn’t have RF.
Quantum theory doesn’t have RF too.
Then, about what knowledge are we talking?

To study behavior of an elephant you must know what savanna is.
To study behavior of a whale you must know what ocean is.
To study behavior of “ quantum virtual particles” you must know what Vacuum is.
Without to know what vacuum is we have parody of knowledge.

And what if you DO know what a vacuum is?
What do you imagine takes place then?

Aether = Void = Nothingness = Zero Vacuum: T=0K ( Theory of Ideal Gas)

Think outside the Earth-box.
We live in Earth- box and see that all electron’s (E=h*f)
parameters become infinite ( E= ∞) in interaction with vacuum.
It is forbidden by

  • The Law of conservation and transformation of energy/ mass*
    But according to Dirac there is another box: Vacuum’s holes-box (!)
    with virtual negative particles (- E=Mc^2)
    So, thinking outside the Earth-box I can suggest that electron (E=h*f)
    in Vacuum’s holes-box (!) somehow can transform into Dirac’s virtual
    negative particles (- E=Mc^2).
    This local negative energy (- E=Mc^2) for Earth’s observer is infinite.
    But the truth is hidden in the Vacuum’s holes-box.
    Without two (2) boxes the quantum phenomena will be puzzle forever.