How to avoid recurrence and rebirthing into a slaughterhuse.

What are the steps to take to avoid recurrence and being born into a slaughterhouse, as a cow, in the next life?

Some theories of mine are if you eat a lot of meat, you are born as a cow in next life.

Perhaps it has some relation to 2055, because by the year 2055 they will have synthetic meat replacement and slaughterhouses will be banned, so perhaps if you die before or after 2055 that has some effect on the afterlife.

My other theory, is that whoever you deeply interact with, is someone who was you in the cosmic timeline.

The notion of reincarnation is an exciting topic … did it originate in India? Perhaps the notion of resurrection is a spin off.

It would seem that when one recognizes ‘being’ for what it is any physical manifestation is unpleasant. All vessels are vile. :slight_smile:

… or someone you recognize from your journey through the cosmic timeline. :slight_smile:

No steps are necessary if you do not actually think that there is such a thing as the next life but just this one

That is a position of blind faith, of which i don’t subscribe to.

Thinking there is no next life, doesn’t make it actually true. I want proof of whether or not it is true. If next life is true, thinking it is not true wont make it not true.

Would a pure energy being still be vile? what about a self-impregnating, beautiful, hermaphrodite?

I can’t see a pure energy being in my “mind’s eye” … yet … it seems unlikely to me that pure energy beings would possess attributes such as beauty or the need to propagate.

I don’t know why I chose the word ‘vile’ … it just appeared on the screen … perhaps because my memory’s dictionary was already in the v’s with the word ‘vessel’. :slight_smile:

Since you challenged my use of the word … I’m grateful to find the word “unpleasant” as a synonym. :slight_smile:

What was my intention typing the word ‘vile’?

I don’t know that there is a hierarchy of beings within the world of pure energy beings … such as the hierarchy we humans have given to the sentient beings of our planet. However, I did assume that any pure energy being is superior (as in more pleasant) than the hybrid ‘sentient/pure energy’ being. Shame on me!!

Now the only way to absolutely know whether there is an afterlife or not is to wait till you die though even then you shall only know if it is true for if it is
not then you shall remain dead forever and so be none the wiser. You seem to want an afterlife to exist which is the type of emotional thinking I avoid as
much as possible because you cannot define reality how you want it to be. The universe is not interested in what Trixie thinks of it and so it is under zero
obligation to conform to her vision of what it should be like. I accept realty for what it is not for what I want it to be as that is beyond my control. You on
the other hand want an afterlife to exist because you want a better life than this one but if there is no afterlife you will have a better afterlife anyway as
you will be free from suffering from the point of death and forever too

More meaningmaking from the syrupdude. I said no such thing. Nonexistence seems to be the preferable outcome, not continued rebirth. My views have nothing to do with emotional interest, most of the time Id rather not exist.

Vile was a good choice of words, it conveyed the meaning well. However, you confused the two concepts, they were distinct entities.

Pure energy being referes to a vague concept about a being made up of energy photons in their highest state, instead of being in a state of mollassess like earth matter.

Hermaphrodites, refers to something else, spirituality through sexual divinity, a matter based lifeform living in sexual harmony, Edenish, free love and the ability to impregnate itself. All citizens have supreme aesthetics.

Nonexistence seems to be the preferred outcome, as there is no possibilty of vileness or trapped feelings, but if nonexistence turns out to be ontologically impossible we must weigh our options.

Trixie … your intellect is far too grand for a simple mind like me … I applaud your endowment. Although, the dialectical tension you are compelled to live with must be uncomfortable at times.

On the issue of ‘being’ I find Lao Tsu’s terminology much easier to digest. He uses the terms “Wu” and “You” … translated as Being-without-form(Wu) and Being-within-form(You).

Do you ever feel you are “pissing away” your endowment by limping along with two opinions? Wouldn’t it be better for you … and for mankind … if you chose a horse and “rode like hell” :slight_smile:

No, then I would be religious, which is the problem with mankind. The only horse I ride is the DNA machine. Having dialectical tension is a good way to live it makes things accurate.

We’ll see :slight_smile:

Intellect seems to be an internal process. that is, it remains hidden to outsiders via lethargy and egoism. Zero remains a zero, except to himself. Thus, the consciousness device is needed, as in this day and age, writing our thoughts is too much of an excersize. Things are lost in the translation from ourselves, to the medium, and from the medium, to the other.

Language intellect seems to be focused in the personal…how well can we empathise with the communicator? Much reliance is from drawing from straws, meaning making, trying to understand what it is they had in mind when they wrote the thing. Humans do not usually speak in a logical way. The nonlogical way in which they speak can often convey ideas better than mathematics or logical terms. However, there is a drawback, if the meaning is not carried through the empathy stream, all of the pieces of data are lost. The resources of this intellect seems to be massive, as we can somehow live out entire lives, in mere moments, and begin to understands a person’s logical praxis, when we empathise with them.

Mathematics intellect seems to be focused on sheer RAM memory - how many things can be memorized before losing retention. Therefore, it is really a rudimentary form of intellect.

Logic intellect is actually different from mathematics intellect, and more associated with wisdom intellect.

Mechanical skill seems to be mix of the prior three, in addition to geometric awareness, and pure ego ambition.

Wisdom intellect seems to be a spiritual matter of survival, the inner will to be clever, good, and better.

Artistic Genius is the illusion that magnificent things are created without cause, due to invisible subconscious process or unknown spiritual intervention.

Imagination is a rendering component which is a necessary function for Mechanical skill, Wisdom and Artistic skill.

Clarity is an important component of intellect. It seems all that’s required for a healthy intellect, is to do the right meaning making so you can draw the right conclusions of what the words imply. Then, use science, logic, plus wise intuition and imagination to put it all together. Viola. Mathematics is primarily used as a preening, ie. to calculate variables and improve mechanical efficiency, it is not the core of intellect and rather rudimentary. Ie. reality can be often explained and understood in simple terms, mathematics usually complicates things exponentially. It is an added layer.

Trixie … after reflecting on some of your recent posts … to me … you are drawing a portrait of St Augustine

a) He too was endowed with a grand intellect.

b) He too limped along with 3 opinions for 10 years or so … Manichean, Platonic and Christianity(of his day)

c) He too had somewhat warped views towards sexuality. His well known quote “Lord grant me continence but not just yet.”

He chose his ‘horse’ at age 33 … or perhaps the ‘horse’ chose him. Despite serious controversy his legacy lives on after more than 1,600 years … not a bad achievement for one lifetime.

This morning I received this image of you … I’m only sharing … not suggesting it has any merit.

Two stellar race horses running at full tilt towards some unseen finish line. You have one of your feet planted on the back of one of them and your other foot planted on the back of the second one. Presumably to control the direction they run in. A rather precarious task eh! :slight_smile: