How to improve your voice

Hey, I’ve noticed that a lot of people who have risen to prominence in some way have had great speaking voices. And I get on ok in every day life with the voice I have, but when I listen to myself singing or talking, it sounds nasally. Anyone have any tips or resources to developing a great sounding voice?

(Larry King says that some people have bad speaking voices but have improved them through voice training, so I don’t believe that if someone has a bad sounding voice they are just destined to keep it).

You can take lessons from a speaking coach. We can use different parts of our oral cavity more than others. It might be easier to take singing lessons. A teacher with some operatic training would be the best choice. And probably more fun. Or you could just practice opening your throat more when you speak. I’m not sure how intuitive this is, though. If you pay attention, you will probably notice that your voice quality will change with different vowel sounds. You can concentrate on those vowel sounds that you like, and train yourself to use those timbres with all vowel sounds. It’s all in the vowels.

Faust is correct, focus on the vowels. I say go with one of the hardest things first which is to hold tough notes. You have to do that from the chest. Once you can hold long notes, manipulating your pitch shouldn’t be too hard.

It is an oldie, but I still think the Columbian Orator is the gold standard when it comes to American-English rhetoric. That and mastering basic diction.

Just keep the somewhat archaic nature of the text in mind. It is like learning about manners. You know, given modern sensibilities, that women can now stay for the after-dinner port-and-cigar session. Mostly because men no longer relieve themselves at dessert . . . But that is neither here-nor-there.

hum and talk to yourself

Ummm…doesn’t everyone do that?

Sure. Of course they do.

I thought so.


Nice tune.



Here are a few (ten) songs that I think are good for practice:

1.) Styx: “Come Sail Away”

2.) Europe: “The Final Countdown”

3.) Aha: “Take On Me” (I had to learn this once, tough as hell!)

4.) Queen: “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Tons of switches, almost impossible to sing perfectly)

5.) The Cult: “Soul Asylum” (Not especially difficult, but fun to play around with)

6.) Journey “Open Arms”

7.) Barenaked Ladies: “One Week” (This one’s good to help you learn to control your breathing, your nasally voice quality may have more to do with your breathing than anything)

8.) Stryper: “Honestly” (Totally weak-ass song, but seriously powerful notes)

9.) Metallica “Low Man’s Lyric”

10.) Billy Joel “Piano Man”

Hey, thanks for the advice all. I’ve been reading out loud each night and practicing singing, and I’ve noticed my speaking voice has definitely improved. I also have read some basic tips on a couple of websites about speaking. Been trying to drop my jaw more when talking, good stuff!

The most important thing that I’ve found is projecting enough. When I don’t speak forcefully, er, when I don’t speak with enough air flow and with a good deal of volume, my voice sounds weak and breezy. So this has been improving.

Thanks guys! :d

I still don’t have the speaking voice of Mike Rowe though… I’ll keep workin!