How To Survive In Urban Poverty

This is my how to survive in urban poverty guide. Welcome all broke and economically unviable people!

Wage slaves of the world unite! :laughing:

Suggestion 1.) - Dealing With Creditors Broke - If you have creditors chasing you that you know that you cannot pay back that are hassling you to no avail take all of your money out of a conventional bank and put it on a pre-paid debit or credit card to which what little funds that are available become safely deposited.

Creditors cannot go after prepaid credit or debit cards as it for the most part does not show up on their financial radar.

If you need to store more money somewhere create a safe room of some kind where you can stash cash and other valuables.

This might include a rented space which you can rent utilizing a pre paid credit or debit card.

Suggestion 2.) - I cannot afford a monthly phone service of any kind - For less than fourty dollars in a five month period you can get skype to a touch screen phone. You will need a phone that has wifi access. The only drawback is that while in a wifi zone you will be able to make local and long distance phone calls you will not have a voicemail. With this dilemma the best possible solution in accordance with that is to look up for a free voicemail service on the internet to use in conjuction with skype.

Suggestion 3.) - I cannot afford a computer to get onto the internet regularly - Get a android or touch screen cell phone with wifi accessibility. It can do most browsing that any computer can do where if you can’t afford monthly service just make sure your constantly in a wifi zone. Drawbacks of course is that you can’t get any fantastic forms of gaming or movies on a limited phone processor but you can do virtually everything else within all the apps.

There are music downloading apps where if you want to make a music collection get a memory stick to store all your information onto utilizing public computers.

Suggestion 4.) - I cannot afford healthcare in that I have no medical insurance and no large sums of income to afford medical care - If you are like me where you have creditors chasing you all over the place because you can’t afford to pay them back reduced to the life of the working poor just know that all your money is safe on prepaid credit and debit cards once after you cash your work check. You can even get direct deposit on some prepaid cards.

With that been said fuck the system. Go get yourself medical care and attention when you need even after realizing you can never afford to pay medical institutions back. By law medical facilities are required to treat all people.