how to turn this stupid republic into a democracy

an organization that includes every person in the left wing. they get together, and when they see something going wrong, like us owes nicaragua $17bil according to the world court, they can sign a petition and send it to congress.

congress will have passed a law that says any petition with a million votes or some arbitrary number forces congress to conduct an official investigation of the crap in question. their study will, of course, be heavily scrutinized by the organization that asked for it. either congress will find the truth better than the organization could, or somebody actually gets busted.

i want an inquiry into lots of stuff. congress doesnt. the only reason i can think for why theyd say no is that they dont have the resources to dive into every little complaint me and my commie conspiracy theory cronies fabricate.

how much did they spend on terri schiavo and baseball steroids shudder.

i hereby incite this mob to cause violence against the capital building while they ask mark mcguire if his boobies are real. cmon fbi bitches, bring it. i just violated their law that busted plenty of “communists” eariler this century.

Well, you know what they say, FM. Shit runs uphill.