How would you define a humble person?

To me an essential characteristic is consideration for others.

In RL I don’t bother others and I don’t expect them to bother me… but we all know that that isn’t always going to be the case, so humility cannot always be maintained.

Not merely other people but also other things and ideas.

Being humble is the opposite of being stubborn, prideful, or willful.

Unlike what is promoted about being humble, it does NOT mean “weak”, but rather and often “meek”, but sometimes not even meek.

A very powerful man can be very humble merely by being considerate of alternate proposals, other choices. And would usually be all the more powerful for doing so (but not always).

do you think we can become humble, as would this be some kind of aim?

Do you think that it is a possible aim in life?

I used to have a friend who would claim that the good-looking guys we met were arrogant, whereas I thought they were as charming as pie and pretty humble IMO, so just how humble does being humble have to be in order to be considered humble? one’s humility may never be enough for some, but I guess that’s when our peers come in to the picture to save the day with their approval… and us to them.

Is charming the same as nice? Humble people from what I have read are nice people.

Has humbleness got anything to do with how people dress or money they have?

I would equate charming with being nice… yes, so I don’t know what more my ex friend was expecting from these guys :confusion-shrug:

I (personally) don’t think there are any class boundaries, as I have met the humble and the far from humble from all backgrounds and nationalities, but we cannot change others so it is down to us in whom we expose ourselves to.

I would equate humility with modesty, but being modest or humble isn’t going to land a person that dream job or get them to be taken seriously, so they should come with a gauge.


You seem to be asking what people “should be” like.
I think that depends entirely on what environment has been prepared for those people.
In some environments, being a stubborn ass might be exactly good advice, others not.

I don’t picture a heaven being filled with stubborn asses though.
They tend to not do well around me; “my environment”, “the environment that I am”.

Yes I agree with you, they will make you do all sort of jobs, they botch up and blame you, you get paid nothing, whereas they have a good salary.

Well I feel that we are bombarded from lots of sectors that we should be humble.

You mean we should humble ourselves for other’s gain… it’s the ‘put up and shut up’ mentality we are forced into by a hierarchical society, but that is all it is.

There is more to it than that, humble people are at peace on this earth. Would you say that a humble person wishes himself well, but also wishes others well?

Is that not called a ‘quiet life’? I like a (very) quiet life, but a person has to raise their head above the parapets to see where they are going/make sure they get their’s.

Humble people, as per the definition of humble, are really just conservative (read: resistant of exaggeration) in judging their abilities and achievements. They do not minimize themselves; they intelligently moderate their opinions of themselves. Others often perceive it as minimization, though. There’s a lot of talk about the too prideful man and the self-doubting/subdued man. A humble man is a mean between two extremes; he is the most realistic about things.

Down to earth, it does not let it go to his/her head, I suspect that is what the above mean. What about strength, will power, are they endowed with huge strength?

Is a humble person also a strong person? Some are, some aren’t I suppose. I would say someone who is humble is probably likely to be down to earth, though.