How would you define courage?

I think courage is overcoming fear, but what are the thoughts of others.

If I’m standing at the side of a busy road, and I’m genuinely afraid, but then I run out into the road, unconcerned for my physical well-being (put my life in the “hands of god”, if you like), wouldn’t that be “overcoming fear”?? Yet it couldn’t be called “courage”, could it?

Why not?

“This couldn’t be called courage, could it?” That is a question.

Surely, this is just stupidity, no?
Is there, in your opinion, no difference between “courage” and “foolhardiness”??

That is determined by the result. We stick the labels on later. If you jump in and save a child from drowning then you were courageous, if you drown and the child drowns then you were foolhardy, if you save the child but drown in the process then you were both courageous and foolhardy.

Putting fears for one’s own safety behind the imperative to act rightly, to do what must be done.

If you are afraid of heights, nevertheless overcome that fear and work setting up scaffoldings and reach great heights, that is courage. If you are not afraid of heights in the first place, working setting up scaffoldings and reaching great heights is just normal.

Why if you are an excellent swimmer that not even a tsunami can take you down? Where is the courage there, if it is piece of cake for you?

Then there is no fear to overcome and therefore no courage and no foolhardiness.

If you really believed that you were putting your life in the hands of god, then it isn’t courage. You’re basically rejecting any sort of responsibility and hoping for the best.

I think courage has more to do with facing obstacles and overcoming them then facing fear. Overcoming fear is more about bravery.

Do you think this is an example of courage?

Tygart said: “The riders who participated in the USPS Team doping conspiracy and truthfully assisted have been courageous in making the choice to stop perpetuating the sporting fraud, and they have suffered greatly”

It comes from

That is bravery IMO not courage. They put their necks on the line when it would have served them better to not do it.

Fear is the instinctive response to immediately react so as to avoid and respond to danger.

Courage is the will power required to not respond until time had been given to address the situation with full consciousness and consideration, considering both the threat and whatever hope is available.

They are opposites.

The recent promotion of the good of fear, is merely to encourage the lack of courage.

And in during the thinking time a bullet a car or whatever danger there is has just nullified the need for action. Dude I am so going to stand behind you :slight_smile:

Note: it does depend what is meant by ‘overcome’ but my reaction is the following, since judgments that fear is bad are so common.

I think fear provides useful information and should not be overcome. That said, I think courage is being able to notice those things about oneself that are not easy to face, and then being willing to get to the root of them. Tied in with this, and something that cannot be separated from this process, is being willing to notices one’s real reactions and feelings about other people, work, society, etc., even and especially when these reactions seem not to be the ‘right’ ones - the ones you think you should have or that fit your official philosophy.

I see people who overcome fear who seem like real cowards to me. They wouldn’t dare notice what they actually feel and are willing to take risks and even die to avoid this. This is, of course, not everyone who overcomes fear. And sometimes it is good to act even though one is afraid.

Yes I agree with you, you do not let the fear take the decision.

What is good fear? I have not heard of it.

Such as realizing one is an envious person and taking steps to remove the envy? Actually it is a long time since I do not feel envy, I used to feel it in various situations, such as when talking about money, or professional qualifications, or animals. I love animals and would feel envy when talking to others who also enjoyed the company of animals. To remove the feeling of envy I exposed myself to those situations and would talk to the emotion, leave me alone. It took sometime, but now it is years since I do not feel such horrendous negative emotion.

I have never looked at courage as facing fear…I have always looked at it as doing what needs to be done in spite of being afraid.

The fear doesn’t go away, you just learn to operate around it.

Yes I agree, but in time don’t you think the fear will go away?