How'd The Jews End Up On Hitler's Radar?

There is overhead to money lending on a large scale.

You’re really asking banks to be 501c3’s

Not for profit organizations. They should be.

But let’s not pretend that usury is evil here.

I never use the word “evil”…only opportunistic; indifferent to the plight of the other because there is no kinship.
They do not relate to the people they exploit.

Have you heard of Singer, the multi-billionaire and how he makes his wealth?
Tucker Carlson had a report on him recently.
See what callous exploitation is. Would he do this to an Israeli town? Never.

Let’s cut to the chase…

Suppose you were able to acquire the political power necessary to actually act on your views regarding the Jews.

What laws would you enact/enforce so as to prescribe or proscribe particular behaviors of particular Jews in particular contexts. Banking or otherwise.

If you controlled the government in an actual nation what might be the fate of Jews there?

Every ethnos must have their own territory, and not pretend to belong to what it is alien to and cares nothing about.
I would not go to India and demand that they change their policies concerning Muslims, ro demand that they accept more Muslim immigrants.

Note to others:

See how it works with objectivists of his ilk? You ask them to be more specific. You want them to reconfigure their intellectual contraptions, their political ideals qua prejudices into a set of actual social, political and economic policies that they would enact if they acquired the political power to accomplish this.

In regard to the Jews. And in regard to blacks, women, homosexuals and right on down the line with respect to all of the other conflicting goods that have rent our species going back now for thousands of years.

Instead you get an “assessment” like the one above. :open_mouth:

I noted my own thoughts about this above. But, just out of curiosity, allow me to pose to you the same thing I posed to Aegean:

Back when I was in school we were taught that Hitler’s mother was Jewish which according to that religion it would make him Jewish. Well a theory was brought up was one of abuse then full resentment .
The second was that the attack on the Jewish was used to keep the little dictator happy while the main goal of the men closest to him was to control as much of the world as possible. They used him as a figurehead/target and hid behind him while trying to amass fortune and properties for themselves and country. This is the short version of that theory.

An inability to infer may be a sign of autism.

Back on-topic.
One has to go back to the state of Germany after the first world war. A state of decadence, and impoverishment.
The fertile ground for parasites to flourish.
Resentment about the German defeat and what was imposed upon them was the weakness to exploit German pride.
When an organism is suffering, a fly can be a source of annoyance and a focus of its stress.
An economic war had already been declared on the Germans.

Jews were accused of undermining the war effort, which lead to defeat and a humiliating peace treaty.

That conveniently shifted responsibility away from the German military.


Who wrote that?

He prefers to remain anonymous. The book is called ‘Einstein’s Hoax’.

So let me get this straight … Einstein is inept and moronic and he is also able to pull off an elaborate hoax?

Did he pull it off?
I think the writer, a bit expressive, explains it.

There are many parts. That’s only a segment.
The ad hom aside, he explains from where this theory comes from, but nobody says so.

He also goes into his first wife’s contributions. Some Serbian woman who collaborated, doing the mathematics, but then was forgotten.
And what happened to his children?
Such genetics must have produced something magnificent, no?

Women didn’t/don’t get a lot of credit in science.

Lots of people were working on the same and similar problems in physics. There was sharing of information. Nobody was working in isolation. Maybe he got a disproportionate amount of credit.

At a certain point he became the “Face of Physics” and stopped doing important work. It’s the same with war heroes … battles are won by many soldiers but public adulation is often directed at specific individuals.

He had 4 children. One died young. Another developed schizophrenia as a young adult. Two were successful engineers.

He goes into the Mathletics.
How these ideas pre-existed his theory and he simply altered the title and claimed it as his own.
Sounds familiar.
This was attempted on ILP. Who knows, it may be attempted again, after I depart.

Repackage, rename, baptize, and resell - recycling - marketing. The art of the sale.
An Abrahamic hybrid.
Christianity 2.0.

Some use words to conceal, not to reveal. When too much prose and poetics and obscurantism and occultism is employed, this indicates a concealment.

I think I’m going to read Mein Kampf written by Hitler.

Read this one too. Excellent book. Lol @ at the deodorant sticker. We didn’t have tape in prison.

After you read them both, you must then listen to this song to fully appreciate the experience.

Lol!!! Clever comments too.