Hows it going mundane babblers?

Just thought I’d say hello, haven’t posted here in a while. Kinda lost the passion.

By the way, is that nut job still around? I forget his/her name… the person who claimed to be a writer and made absurd posts about sexuality.

Hey Trahne,

ILP is becoming a more pleasant philo-community, but it still has it’s moments of craziness and disruptive folk trying to be, well, disruptive, hehe.

How are you man? what ya been doing? Any law-breakers have been banned from ILP (as well as serial-abusives) :smiley:

Magsj, who’s he talking about - before my time.

Yes, Arc - there were a few unsavouries here last year, that were dealt with appropriately.

You mean like RU/UNR? I liked him. I don’t think he made any posts about sexuality, did he? :laughing:

BTW, I almost forgot about that other post until now - just looked for it -I guess the sweeper came in and swept it away. The one by a stephens? What possesses people?

Thats good to hear, I see that your a moderator now, congrats.

I’ve been excellent, just graduated high school. Going to UC Riverside in the fall, majoring in philosophy (of course).

:smiley: Congrats on graduating, and have fun and work hard at Uni: both neccessary evils to get through those 3 years, hehehe - in the fall? does that mean you have 3 months of doing… nothing? :astonished:

Yeah, and boy has my moderating skills been tested tonight! :neutral_face:

Well, ILP will just have to be part of your research for your course, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of you around here? 8-[

Haha, I guess ILP will be a necessity for my college years.

As for those 3 months… I wouldn’t say “nothing”. :laughing: