Human Amp

Like the snakes of the air, it mixes and combines
Drums to the beat, and beats from the heart, intertwined
Capable of expressing every void, that fills the mind
The purpose of which, cannot be found in time
The uncontrollable urge to sing in the clean
Fingers tap while waiting to be seen
For some people, is more than a dream
That which is not yet heard is ripped from the seams
Together we share our misery and smiles
From the anger born, to the pinna defiled
Purest humanity corses like a thousand Niles
Into the drains of a road, it stretches for miles…

Old Gobbo: i think you really are a great writer. i especially like the strong biomorphic imagery at the beginning. i challenge to try to write a poem that doesn’t rhyme. i think you should break down some rules that, it appears to me, you don’t need.

I’ve been trying…

thanks for your compliment though :smiley: . It was actually Bessy that prompted me to dig this up from the vaults… I wrote it back when I was in 2nd year.

:astonished: That is one helluva poem.

thx :smiley: