Human race, get over yourselves!

No, I don’t think we’re all that special.

All throughout earth’s history, I’m sure many species have come along that were overadapted, if you will.
That is to say, they were too intelligent (relatively speaking… too intelligent for the competition), too strong, dexterous, too ravenous/voracious for their own good.
Mutations, which are probably largely Darwinian and not Lamarckian, are random (that is, they’re too complex for us to make predictions about, in addition to being unintelligent/unresponsive), natural selection is not, therefore, evolution isn’t necessarily evenly distributed, although it tends to be.
What I mean is - some species evolve better traits than others, faster. Additionally, the earth can change faster than evolution can alter an organism, affording some or perhaps one organism, an extreme advantage virtually overnight.
I’m sure many species came along before man, who caused dozens or hundreds, perhaps even thousands or millions of other species to die off, culminating in a mass extinction event, jeopardizing their own livelihood in the process, the resources they were dependent on, yet some semblance of balance, equilibrium and dissonant harmony must’ve been restored, after all, we’re still here.

Due to a lack of pressures, the dominant specie or species may have atrophied, giving others a chance to bridge the gap, or they may have obliterated themselves and many others, but nonetheless some animals were able to survive, and eventually repopulate.
It’s also possible that diminishing resources, a pressure, gradually forced the dominant specie to devolve, if you will, become weaker, or less ravenous, or that in the absence of competition and due to diminishing, dwindling resources, the dominant specie may have turned on itself, again, affording other species ample opportunity to catch up.
Yes I’m sure such scenarios have occurred countless times prior to man’s arrival, and I’m sure they’ll continue to occur long after our inevitable departure.
Perhaps the only thing remarkable is the pace at which this is presently occurring, but even then, I’m not so sure it’s really all that.
Additionally, the earth could rapidly reorient, putting the dominant specie at a sudden disadvantage.

We tend to think of nature as this nice, quiet, perfectly balanced place, until we showed up that is, which is fallacious, as the geological record indicates.
Nature, which we’re all apart of, can be a tumultuous and turbulent place.
We tend to think of ourselves as this cosmic accident, coincidence or fluke, as if nature somehow made a mistake in our design.
We like to think of ourselves as angels, possessing this divine spark other species lack, and that because of this we’ve been given dominion over the earth, by the cosmos or by God, to do with it as we please, to be fruitful and multiply, or, as these insatiable devils with an appetite for destruction, who’d be better off had we never evolved, orrr, that we have the potential to be either/or, to be custodians, guardians of the earth, or its polluters/plunderers.
Unfortunately for our egos, nothing could be further from the truth.
We’re just another animal, one of countless others.

For the previous several millennia, we happen to be dominant, but we’re not the only one. I hear ants and rats are doing quite well actually, especially the former, despite having a completely different physiological and neurological makeup than us, and I hear that they’ve been responsible for wiping out the competition as well, exterminating many individuals and even some species in their wake, consuming them, outbreeding them, outcompeting them for access to resources.
I hear intelligence is relative, that it’s not black/white, but like everything, it’s a spectrum, and that it’s been proven some species possess intelligences we lack, and can consequently do things and think about things we can’t, or can do and think about them better, faster.
Intelligence is spectral.
Before man came about, there were species who were smarter than their competitors than we’re smarter than ours.

Of course there’s life on other planets, there’s nothing unique about ourselves or life, again, the arrogance, the nerve.
Life didn’t materialize from nonlife, even what’s his name, Dawkins, you don’t have to believe in spontaneous generation, in order to believe in evolution, it’s more likely life arrived here via asteroid, comet or meteor, which arrived there via asteroid, comet or meteor, and so on ad infinitum, just as energy has no ultimate origin.
We tend to think “advanced” intelligence has to be this unique, one of a kind, one off thing, but what if on other planets, not one specie, but the majority of speices are as intelligent as ourselves or more, and they keep themselves relatively in check, from rising too far, too fast scientifically and technologically.
Imagine thousands of species on a planet, each as intelligent as ourselves, each its own cities and towns, or something like them, and each one at war with the other, competing for territory, occasionally allying.

There’s nothing special about intelligence, it’s just another trait.
Man is not continually, indefinitely ascending, culminating in Godhood.
Science and technology are not inherently beneficial, just as strength, speed, dexterity and agility aren’t.
What’s the purpose of possessing all this knowledge, what’s the meaning, all that information, which may or may not be true, if there’s little or no return?
Perhaps we don’t need to know every little thing about every little thing. Manipulating our habitats with technology could turn out to be disastrous, needless to say.
Why then do we assume the latest must also be the greatest… because they rhyme?
Why do we assume more novel/sophisticated is necessarily better?
Perhaps we’d better off with the technology we had a century, two or three ago, or with no technology at all?

Can you not see it, are you blind?
We’re in love with our own reflection, our supposed “uniqueness”, our quirks, idiosyncrasies and eccentricities.
Has Robert Schock and Graham Hancock not demonstrated that we’ve been here before?
That earlier civilizations existed in North Africa, India, and many other parts of the world, that were at least as sophisticated as the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans?
That they may even have possessed technologies equally or surpassing our own. Their technology may have taken a different course, so we may not immediately recognize it as equaling or surpassing our own, but there’s evidence to suggest so, and yet they came and they went, just like we’re coming and going, just everything rises and falls, ascends and descends, from individuals to kingdoms, phylum, classes and orders, from galactic filaments to quarks.
Of course we didn’t diverge from hominids overnight (200 thousand years ago is overnight from a evolutionary standpoint), try 2 million, or maybe even 20 million years ago, we’re much, much to different from hominids.
We must’ve split off from them much, much earlier, therefore we’ve been around for a lot longer than we realize, and so too has civilization, but evidently, we’re all still clinging to the collective hallucination of humanism.

We tend to think our future will either culminate in the attainment of divinity, or the obliteration for ourselves and other species, all others species, even the earth itself (how melodramatic), but what if instead we fizzled out, what if we gradually, incrementally devolved into an “inferior” organism.
What if we went “backwards” instead of “forwards”, but backwards was really forwards and forwards backwards?
What if we diverted some of that excess brain energy to other more useful, productive things like muscles, horns, or bioluminescence?
Then, a million years from now, when humans can no longer be meaningfully classified as such, with their bioluminescence, horns, muscles, and significantly reduced cranial capacity, a new specie will ascend, say crows. They’ll become more intelligent, they’ll construct magnificent treehouses, wormfarms, flocks of thousands, millions fighting one another in the sky, with armored wings, diamond tipped beaks, domesticated wareagles, warhawks and various other implements, over religion and territory.
Or perhaps other species have beaten us to civilization, but the remanants of their civilizations have long since disappeared from the geological record, as nearly everything does.

How mediocre, we are, how unremarkable. I’d say the only thing amazing and unbelievable about ourselves is our seemingly infinite capacity for collective narcissism and delusions of grandeur.
Here, and only here, we are a cosmic quirk, totally alone in the universe.
So I wouldn’t worry about the planet too much, I wouldn’t be in a rush to dominate and exploit each and every last square inch of it, as the social capitalists are planning, nor would I be in a rush to stop them as the greens and others are planning, as we’re fundamentally impotent, and there’s disadvantages and advantages to science and technology.
No instead I’d just enjoy the ride, worry about myself and my little locale.
Get busy thinking about practicalities, necessities, taking care of business in your own backyard, and not pretending anything of monumental importance is occurring… economically, politically, socially, scientifically or technologically.

There probably was no big bang, space isn’t expanding between me and my computer, why should it be expanding anywhere else?
Space isn’t a thing that can be pushed and pulled, it’s simply the relative absence of energy betwixt relative fullnesses of energy.
Gravity assuredly unites as fire divides.
Life and matter has always been and probably always will be, although they may have looked a little different eons ago.
Nothing extraordinary is happening, there’s no purpose to life, no meaning beyond itself.
We’re a part our of world, we’re all caught up in it.
We were born from it and ultimately, we’ll return to it, we haven’t been transplanted here from another dimension.
We’re not aliens or strangers here, even though we may at times feel alienated and estranged.

You know, I think the human race will stop itself from destroying itself and its various inhabitants after all… but not out of altruism, not out of wanting to clean up our act and get our shit together - greener, more efficient technologies and the like, but out of apathy, out of sheer boredom with ourselves.

Break that into paragraphs and I might read it. :confused:

I just scanned it and saw words like “forced, dominant, weaker, perhaps, extinct, evolution, dissonant, war, greeks and sacrificial altruism”.

I mean…just based on the presence of all those words in 1 wall of text, I have a feeling that I know there the OP is going with this.

OP, you may benefit from a few things here. 1) For the love of god you’ve been here long enough to know not to post a wall of text. That’s just inappropriate and frankly, a bit disappointing. 2) Try and see if you can come up with a post that isn’t just a collection of all the buzz words that you can think of. That may cause less people to immediately write off the entire post.

Will do

Actually, I recommend you read it after I edit it. I assure you it’s the exact opposite of what you’re expecting, or what it appears to be.

I just hate all those words.

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Exhausting. Are you saying that you think people deciding not to give a shit will inevitably lead to less demand for bullshit so then there will be less reason for factories to pollute the environment or something? Or that it’s because people “care” about shit that the world is so fucked up because people just generally suck at life and when they try they always fuck it up?

Everything contains the seeds of its own transformation.

Neither, I’m not taking an anti-human, anti-civilization stance, nor am I taking a pro-human, pro-civilization stance, what I’m saying is - there’s nothing special about who we are, nor what we’ve been doing in the previous two or three centuries. Essentially, fundamentally, we’re just another feature of nature, another one of its many processes. Man/civilization, is just another part of the ebb and flow of things, and in the long run, it doesn’t matter what we do, whether we embrace X ideology or Y, nature will work itself out in the long run.

Well I don’t think anyone would argue with that.

Shucks, I was hoping for one, but I’ll settle for a discussion.

Alright, what makes you think that people think that there’s something special about the human race? I’ve looked all over and I just don’t know what would make someone think that. Help me out here. Who were you trying to bait?


You should become an anti-natalist (if you aren’t already) :slight_smile:

Eyes, I think that you over estimate the human race.

So you think we’re a cosmic accident, and that we’re capable of destroying, not only ourselves, but life itself? I think we may capable of destroying ourselves, but not life itself, I think you give us too much credit. The earth has been through more than we can muster.

It’s too absolutist, I’m not anti-life, I’m not anti-human. Sentiments come and go, sometimes some of us feel like we have nothing to live for, sometimes some of us feel like we have a lot to live for. This too, is part of the ebb and flow of things. Species come and go, if we rid ourselves of ourselves, (un)intentionally, another one like us will eventually and inevitably pop up. I just say go along with the dance. Commit homicide, infanticide or suicide if you must, but don’t will it into a universal law… or do, whatever. I think we’d all, or most of us would be better off if we swam with the current rather than against it.

My point was that my assessment of the human race is even lower than yours seems to be.

But, no, there is no means for Man to destroy life itself. But at the moment the probability of Man destroying literally all organic life on Earth is very high. So in that regard, Man has a talent unshared with other species.

And I agree with your general philosophy of “hey just attend to your own little bit of the world and stop worrying about unbelievably distant issues”. Although the way I put it is more like;

Scanned it too, saw your mum your health, what shit?

Jesus. #-o