HUMANS....better off as omnivores or herbivores??


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i am so sick of those bias websites that either say “humans werent meant to eat meat” and show the structures of omnivores compared to herbivores and carnivores, or those that talk about how “humans need meat to live a healthy life” i am personally confused…

also, i would love it if you would post any references to what you think…


P.S. if you post ANY info, you will be helping out a poor confused little girl… :smiley:

1.) trees are not a good source of protein, b12, b6, A,B,C vitamins…

2.) meats do give a source of all vitamins

3.) the concept of eating starch with starch and fiber meals do not appeal to anyone (except the freaks who are on the crazy diets…)

come on, pros outweigh cons…

oh a reference, go start eatin’ food, i don’t know

google it, jeez…

It’s simple.
We evolved to eat meat AND vegitables.
The existance of incisors, which serve no other purpose besides tearing meat, as well as our abbility to digest and process meat makes that OBVIOUS.
The other camp is made up of politically correct morons that have decided lthe food chain is too cruel or even ‘imorral’, that go on to further convince weak minded fools of their position.
"oh look at the baby cow…it’s so cuuuuuuute…how could you EAT such a cute wittow fuzzy wuzzy cow? You heathen! "
Emotional rhetoric.


          mMmm bambi.... Tastes like CHIkin

crazines begne


Usually you are smart, so I was surprised to see such a stupid statement from you. I highly doubt the majority of veggies don’t eat beef because they think cows are cute. Don’t be an idiot, Dr. S.

How about someone who thinks we should respect all sentient life the same? In my opinion this is the most common motivation for being a veggy; not how “cute” a cow is.

Also someone mentioned vitamins…there are vitamin pills that you could take in place of eating meat.

As for whether one should eat meat or not, it is up to the person.

I voted “No”. :smiley:

The only thing that meat has going for it is that it tastes great and that it requires less intelligence to get one’s nutrition eating meat.

There are no other arguments about meat-vs-vege that meat wins.

A few examples:

Nutrition: we know that we can live the most nutritional lives possible by being vegetarian. True, it is ten-times harder to educate one’s self on how to do it, but it is possible. If our soiciety was not meat-based as it is, it would be easier to do. Anyway, there are any number of weight lifters and athletes that are vegetarian that show we do not need to eat meat to be healthy.

Cruelty: There are no laws against cruelty acted out upon animals raised for consumption. Compassion for all living things is an admirable goal. THis is probably the most important aspect of meat-free diets.

The environment: raising animals for meat creates a lot of polution.

Government subsidies: I’ve read that if we eliminated gov’t susidies ground beef would cost 25$ a pound. I takes 2000 gallons of water to make one pound of beef, for example.

Illness: Fat is linked to lots and lots of health problems (unlike veges). The monetary impact of heart disease on our society can probably be counted into the billions of dollars. Hospitals make up to 80 percent of their total revenue from heart operations, for example.

And it goes on and on. At every level vegetarianism is “better”.

But meat just tastes great! Mmmmm! :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a choice here:

  1. Eat only the green and be less strong and intellegnt - compensation: self-ackowledged sentimentation.

  2. Eat everything and be strong and sharp - compensation: none.

Personally, I’d eat what Dr lector Hanible eats without do the deeds he does, if those stuff can give me an edge, or just taste nice. I think cows are cute, but I eat them without a blink.

I’d put any vegetarian’s baby into the oven and swollow it whole. I mean, come on, even Christians don’t have a problem turning pigs into tubes.

uniquor, that statement is dripping with blood

What’s wrong with blood?

It’s the stream of life,
Content of the heart;

It’s the colour of rose,
And rainbows’ bands.

What’s wrong with blood?

This person is obviously intelligent. :wink: Eat meat and be like this person. Be like Hannibal Lector. Be like baby killers. Clearly better!

Now seriously man: don’t you eat meat?

Yes, I eat meat!

And do you actually feel guity about that?

Nah, not guilt. I was raised to eat meat, and I enjoy it. That’s not my fault.

There is something to be said for the fact that I do consider vegetarianism to be better for all the reasons I mentioned… and I’m still a meat eater. Some could critisize me as weak-willed becasue I wan’t give up meat for an idealogical cause, and I accept that. I’m a shallow meat eater! Perhaps I am “guilty” of that.

But I certainly don’t beat myself up about it.

Respect for all sentient life?
Ya, like I said…emotional rhetoric.

Veggies are great- sauted in butter, sitting next to my 16 oz medium rare NY steak. A nice puddle of demi-glace is not unwelcome, either… :slight_smile:

The ancients believed that you gradually become what you eat…and look, hundreds of years of eating cows and sheep have made the people of the world work in a society as if they were cows and sheep!!

Everyone should watch the movie “Ravenous,” which details some fun facts about human cannibalism.

I don’t know if we are better off as omnivore or herbivore. I know people can become obese and have high cholesterol even if they ate only vegetarian foods too. For example, high carb diets aren’t that good (well so I’ve heard). So health wise I don’t know which is good. I guess the fact that we have canine teeth and we have enzymes that can break down protein means that we were definitely built to consume meat too. Maybe humans have a history of consuming meat because it aided in developing muscles that were useful in combat (while hunting and fighting off preditors). But today, we don’t seem to need muscles, because we have advanced weapons that can aid even the weakest human in combat with some wild animal. So maybe today meat is not as much needed as it was in the past. However, I’ll say I’m better off Omnivorous because there’s more variety, and I’m not breaking any religious rules etc…

Hmmm, but what about the food chain. Would the ecosystem be the same if we were always herbivores.